Xbox 360 Open-ended games


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Mar 8, 2012
Would you like to see more open-ended games developed? The Sims are so popular. I think it's because people enjoy being able to create the story themselves. Do you like games like these, or do you prefer a story that has a conclusion?
I like both, actually. I would still like to see more open-ended, Sims-style games, though. Especially when they really put a lot of time and effort into making them and release them with graphics as good as what the Sims games have! Also, I would like to see some Sims-style games that are like The Sims: 2, where you had an option for free play mode AND a storyline option.
That's a good idea about having both options. Combining the two styles of play would be interesting, too. For instance, you could have the first part of the game with a storyline. Then, you could go into free play. Given the success of The Sims, I'm surprised there haven't been similar games.
I've never been a fan of the Sims, but my wife loves the series. Do you think that The Sims is more popular with women? I would like to see more open-ended games where you're still doing things like blowing stuff up.
I am kind of in the middle with both too. I think if you can get a close ended game but have the options to change the story line as you go, that might be a little better too. Part of the fun is the journey!
I like open ended games, but sometimes I need a little direction too. I might wander around aimlessly if given too much freedom. I really like the way Fable is set up. I can pretty much do what I want, be good or bad, but I also have goals to take care of.
No, I prefer games with set levels and objectives rather than pure sandbox games. Most of the time I like being told what to do when it comes to video games, I guess.