Oregon Trail


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Jan 21, 2012
Its an oldie but a goodie! We have officially gotten our kids into this game and they love it. Does anyone still play or maybe your kids?
Seriously I have not played Oregon Trial since I was in high school. I remember it was all the "rage" back in the day. Computers were new to us too though. I should look for it and have my kids play it. I'm not sure they would get a kick out of it though.
That is the reaction I get most times when I bring it up. I think its a great game no matter what the age. It tends to get many kids into things like "how it used to be" and it gets adults moving along too. Did you know tons of people still are not thinking that we actually had a time before cars, ipods and smartphones?
I remember that game! I loved it when I was in school. I haven't played it in years, though. Does anyone know where I can find a copy?
I can't believe I used to actually be able to play this game as part of "school work" in computer class. The last time I played a version of it was on the iPod Touch, and it was still pretty fun.
The few games I have been playing are all online, so far on what I consider safe sites. I would love to get a full copy of the game if I could.