Owning Different Consoles


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Sep 22, 2011
How many game consoles do you own right now? I have 2 gaming consoles at the moment, Xbox 360 and my PC, 3 if you include my cellphone. I mostly play with the Xbox as it is easier to play games with the controller than with the keyboard and mouse.
I'm down to just my Xbox 360. I got rid of everything. I never used them so they were just taking up space. I do game on the computer from time to time too. I installed an old Star Wars game back on there recently and was playing some scenarios. It's still fun to play the old games.
I have three consoles, one handheld (two if you count an iPod Touch), and my PC. Sometimes I think I have too many video game things, but...if I didn't have more than one console, I'd be missing out on a ton of games! :p
I have four. I own a PS3, 360, Wii, and DS. I love every single one of them. I'm one of the biggest gamers you'll ever find. I will have to say though, that I wish Live didn't cost so much.
I've got a 360, a Wii, a PS3, a PC, and a Mac. Oh, and a clunky old original DS. I don't understand the console wars--if it can play games, it's awesome by definition. Why fight?
I have four as well. I own an Xbox 360 (which I'm the most proud of), a Playstation 3, a Nintendo Wii and a PC. I have a smartphone as well, but I rarely, if ever, use it to play games.
I agree about the console wars. Who cares if it's Playstation, Xbox, PC, or a smartphone? Also, having so many choices encourages more people to join in the game. It's nice to have some variety, too. Games play differently depending on the environment.
We have more than we need and it seems to happen with everyone that I know at least those my age. When you have more than you can use in any reasonable time frame, you need to cut down the hobby.
We've got a PS3, a 360, a Wii, some DS varieties, a PSP, and a PC. Except for the PC, we were "late adopters" on all of them, so we didn't end up spending a fortune.
I have an X-box, X-box 360 and a Wii. I am not sure why I kept the X-box once I got the 360. I like the 360 and the Wii the best. The kids enjoy the Wii the most, there are more kid games for the Wii.
Is the Wii really worth it? I hate the idea of buying something new if we do not plan to use it (right now one of the kids is asking for it). If I can find it at the right place this week for the right price I might get it, just want to make sure its worth the money spent first.
We have 2 Xboxes (only 1 that we use), a Wii, the PS3 Slim, a Nintendo DS, a Nintendo 3DS, some iPod Touches, 2 PCs, and a laptop. Yep, we are definitely technologically up-to-date and game-crazed in these parts.
We recently got rid of a few older ones (but we still kept the Atari). I would say right now not counting our PC's we have 4, but if we could count the computers that bumps it up to about 10 or so.
I didn't start the thread in order to create console war. I just made the thread to know whether how many consoles you have. I didn't make the title "which is better...?"

Anyhow, I wish all games can be played in all types of consoles so that there won't be any console wars.