Xbox 360 Parental controls – What you can control


Aug 26, 2012
You can customize and manage your family’s access to games, movies and television content using Xbox 360 parental controls. The Xbox 360 parental controls can also be used to control the console itself and access to Xbox LIVE. In addition, the Xbox 360 console parental controls allow you to limit the time that can be used by your each family member.

Note: Parental controls are divided in to groups: console control and online safety and privacy. You'll find the console control in the Family Setting or Family Center area of your console.

How to turn on the parental controls

  • You need to go to Settings on your console and then select Family.
  • Press On to turn on Console Safety.
  • You need to enter a 4-button pass code using your controller.
  • Finally, press Save and Exit.

Note: If you don't see Settings, you'll have to update your console software.

The controlling options:

Ratings and Content:
Using these settings, you can restrict games and video content based on the content’s rating. You can also choose whether or not unrated or explicit content can be played on your console.

Tip: For individual games, you can set up exceptions to the rating restrictions that you’ve set.

Family Timer: Using this setting, you can limit the time that your console can be used on a daily or weekly basis.

Xbox LIVE Access: Using this setting, you can control the access of you family to Xbox LIVE.

Xbox LIVE Membership Creation: This setting lets you set whether or not new Xbox LIVE memberships can be created from your console.
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