PC after console

dum ez

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Aug 2, 2012
Do you still play games on the PC after you tried them on your console? I try to use the console only for games designed especially for it but after I played the same game on the PC and console I prefer to keep using the Xbox rather than my PC, because it's more fun. What about you ?
Of course. There are some games which I personally like better played on a PC, like GTA. I don't know, I feel more in control when using both the keyboard and the mouse. But there are some games which are way more awesome played on an xbox.
I don't ever play the same game on both the console and the PC, because I don't have enough money to spare to buy the same game twice. However, like Iplaygames said, there are certain games that I prefer to play on the PC and certain titles that I always buy for my console.
I do actually. I played Dead Island and Fallout 3 on the console before playing them on the PC. They are much better on the PC in my opinion. Plus there are a ton of mods that make the games even more fun.
Southpark, you have a point there. Buying the same game twice can leave you broke, especially if you buy it new. I play on both PC and console, some games, like The Sims, are much more fun on the computer while others go better on the console.
I play the GTA series on both console and pc, GTA4 looks good on the XBOX360 but the controls leave something to be desired, you should be able to use keyboard and mouse on the XBOX for this game, better control but overall the game looks and plays well.
I agree on the leaving you broke part, i guess thats part of being a gamer :)
I like consoles for fighting games like Tekken and the like. But as far as FPS and racing games go, I can't go back to the controller....It just doesn't feel right anymore. Nothing is as precise as the good ol' mouse.