Xbox 360 Pc games ported to Xbox


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Aug 7, 2012
What PC games would you like to see ported to Xbox? New, old, doesn't matter...which ones would you like to play on your console? I'd love to play GTA San's my favorite game ever!
I have noticed that some graphics issues might appear when PC games are ported to Xbox. I don't really have a list of games I would like to see ported. Just to name a game off the top of my head, "Blacklight Retribution". The trailer looks pretty cool, and I heard that it is only available for the PC.
I strongly wish for Diablo 3 to be ported over to 360. There were rumors to that effect before the PC launch of a console team being put together by Blizzard, but they are notoriously slow. For those who can't remember, Diablo (1) was on PS2, and I still play it every once in a while. The always online connection would not be a problem, as my Live is always running. I'm sure there would be a downgrade in graphics, and possibly gameplay, but I wouldn't have to worry about buying the game, and having it not work, because of my system.
Lots of PC games are already ported to the Xbox with each release. Sometimes it's the other way around, but not always.
I'd love to see CS 1.6 & CS:S ported! CS:GO has gotten a lot of praise for it's Xbox version so seeing the older classics on there would be great, especially since they have such a huge following and are extremely active to this day. It'd have to be a direct port and be more so directed to the people who have wanted to play them but don't PC game. Even a lowish end PC could run them but still, PC gaming intimidates a lot of people so it'd be cool to see them receive a lot of new fans, just like games like Doom & Goldeneye have gotten over the past years.