PC Gaming Marathons


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Mar 8, 2012
Have you had any marathon sessions when you've played on the PC? The first game I played on the computer was Jumble Bees. That was before I had an Xbox and, until then, PacMan was the only video game I'd ever played. So, I got kind of carried away and played for about four or five hours.
I haven't ever had any true PC gaming marathons; I think the longest time I ever spent playing a computer game was just a couple of hours. I have gotten carried away playing The Sims 3 on Xbox 360 though - last time I played it, I played it for about 5 hours straight.
I played for like 11 hours once, lol. I was really into Battlefield 3 at the time.
I've had a pretty serious marathon last week with Diablo III, even though the servers were down for most of the first couple of days. I managed to reach level 60 with my Barbarian and got as far as Act I on Inferno before I finally decided I enjoy the sunlight :)
I sometimes have weekends with my friends where we spend the entire time playing video games and board games. The last time we did it we ended up playing almost only Street Fighter where the winner of the match would continue to play while the loser got replaced. Was pretty fun.