PC Gaming Versus Console


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Mar 8, 2012
Personally, I think it's great to have different formats and platforms. I wonder, though, if anyone agrees that first-person shooter games are better on the PC. That's what some people say, but it's always a matter of preference. For me, it just feels more like a game on the Xbox rather than the computer. I will admit that the graphics are better for PC games.
Judging from most of the ads I've seen, Halo 2 was designed mainly for Windows Vista. I still have XP, but I guess I could play it on my machine. I still like most of the games on Xbox instead of my PC, though.
Since we both took a three day weekend we were actually having this debate earlier today while playing a little Xbox. Let me just say that when you have a gaming debate like this on a holiday, with drinks involved it takes it to an entirely new level. So far we both are tied evenly.
I figure that it only helps all of us to have different ways to play. There are lots of people who have gotten into gaming because of one format or another. Once you start playing, you find what works best for you.
I used to think first-person shooter games were clearly better on a PC, but I've changed my mind in recent years. Maybe it's because I haven't upgraded my computer in a while, but I prefer the Xbox 360 by far now.
I started playing computer games long before I bought my first console and started playing console games. I think I still like computer games better overall, because I'm so much more used to gaming with a keyboard and a mouse than a controller, but I have to admit, I think the graphics are better on the newer consoles.
Judging from most of the ads I've seen, Halo 2 was designed mainly for Windows Vista. I still have XP, but I guess I could play it on my machine. I still like most of the games on Xbox instead of my PC, though.

I believe it was, it does run good. I have Windows 7, but someone made a way where it would work! If you can, give it a try!
I like console gaming a lot more than PC gaming but this is probably because I do not have a high-end PC. I know that the PC is more flexible when it comes to games but I enjoy playing more on my home console rather than on PC. I mainly use the PC for business purposes. When I get bored doing work, that's the time that I play some PC games.
PC gaming will always triumph over consoles. Consoles are limited to the hardware currently inside them. PC's can be upgraded at any time with almost any part. Plus the graphics are always better on the PC because they are not limited by old hardware. This is coming from a guy who played the Xbox 360 religiously for years.
Historically I've preferred PC but since discovering that my high school friends all meet up once a week and game on the xBox and since forcing myself to get used to the controls - I have to say I'm fairly won over. Still prefer PC for one-person games (like Fallout) however.
This is an age old debate, while I personally prefer PC for first person shooters and racing games, console is without a doubt better for fighter games, (IE, Tekken, things like that.) But I stick to PC 99% of the time, I just feel it's over all more useful. Plus there aren't a bunch of discs involved like consoles!
There was a hacked version of Halo 2 that ran on Vista on the Pirate Bay a while ago, search it up. :)
To be honest I love to play games on the PC as opposed to console. My reasons may appear outdated: PC can allow me to play games as I do other things that a gaming console wouldn't allow. I also want to second your suggestion that the graphics for the PC games are better than those found in the consoles more so if the console is using older graphic chip sets.
I have to say, I fail at trying to play shooters on the PC. I'm just not co-ordinated enough! If I can't use a mouse (with the exception of the FF7 & FF8), then I just can't play it on my computer. I play simulation games on my PC, but that's pretty much it - point & click!

To be honest, that's why I enjoy my Xbox so much - it's easy to get to grips with the controller. Remember N64 controllers, with the 3 different prongs!? Nightmare for someone like me.
Surely PC games and hardware advance at a much higher rate than consoles though. Every year, it seems, a new graphics card is being announced ny nVidia or AMD while you have to wait up to 7-8 years for a new console to arrive. Having said that, I have a PC and a console. The gameplay on a console is way different than what you get on a PC. I prefer the PC for first person shooters.
LOL that picture was recently re-posted onto reddit and keeps appearing once in a while in the gaming sub reddit. PC gaming has been my favorite way to game. I've been to my friends house to play console games before but still prefer to play the games that are available on the PC only and also prefer the keyboard and mouse over the controller. Even though you get the comfort of the couch that isn't enough to get me converted. PC master race. :D
I've always preferred console gaming over both handheld and PC gaming. It's more comfortable and I enjoy the wide variety of games they have on the consoles too. I haven't bothered purchasing any of the newer handhelds and I barely ever play games on the computer.