PC vs Console: The Sims


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Jul 8, 2012
For those of you that play the various Sims games, do you like the PC version or the console version better? Personally, I like both, but I keep coming back to the PC version, because add-ons are periodically released for the PC version, whereas on the console, once it's released - that's it.
I think I like the console versions better, simply because you can play through a larger screen than if you're playing on a computer. I wish they'd release DLC for the console version every time they release add-ons for the PC version, though!
Southpark - That's a great idea! I like the PC version better myself, but if you could get the same add-ons through the console that you get through the PC, I might be more inclined to play The Sims games on the console.
The PC version would probably be better because the hardware in a PC isn't limited to current generation console hardware. You can also add mod's and all sorts of downloads that you can't get from the Xbox 360 version.
PC version is better because you can install these add-ons. On consoles you just can't do that.
The PC version is absolutely better. Playing the game using a mouse is much easier than playing it using a console controller.
PC version all the way.
It has more features, and it's amazing.
There are also more things to do and it's easier to play with a mouse than a controller...
Note: Do NOT get The Sims 3 for the 3DS is it terrible....
We should make a poll about this, but I think the PC version would win. As mandabear said, add-ons are released for the PC version and that's what makes the game so interesting and fun.
I know the personal computer versions are said to be "better". But to me, it's all about comfort. I've always liked the SIMS. But I'd rather play from any position, anytime I want with my PS3 or 360 rather than having to constantly sit propped up at my computer. Plus I like getting the rewards.