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Nov 28, 2016
I am looking to see how many people have gotten bans or permanent bans, and were unable to access any of their previously purchased direct downloaded games.

I want to know who is willing to provided information, regarding your banned account. This only pertains to permanent bans at the moment, and affects only your downloaded purchased games, that are now unavailable to you.
This will be put together for a class action lawsuit, in regards to being denied access to previously purchased materials from Microsoft.
Email me at: xboxclassactionlawsuit@gmail.com
my lawyer wants to assess the number of people this directly affects. If you can share this information, or post it, so we can get as many interested parties as possible, on as many social media, FB, Twitter, youtube outlets, that will help immensely.

Permanent bans may be needed in some instances, but not allowing accessed to purchased products, in which the company has been rewarded and profited from is a crime.

Thank you, for your help