Xbox 360 Playing Games When You're Sick


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Aug 10, 2012
Do you like to play video games when you are sick, or do you prefer to wait until you feel better? Personally, playing a video game is about the last thing I want to do when I am sick, but it's the first thing all the kids in the family reach for when they are out of school and sick.
This usually depends on what I am sick with and how bad I am feeling. For example, I have thrown my back out before and played games while I was getting better.
I agree with Upallnight. If I'm sick with a head cold, I'll still play, but if I'm sick with a stomach virus, I won't do much more than lay in bed and sleep all day!
I don't.. when I'm sick I usually curl up with a good book and wait for it to go away. I'm not in the mood for playing games as much as when I'm healthy and all.
For me, it depends on exactly what's wrong with me. If I'm sick in a way that has me sleeping most of the time, like the flu, I won't play. If it's something like a pulled muscle that's keeping me out of work, I'll usually still play.
This just depends on what i am sick with and how bad I am feeling. Most of the time if I have a cold or the flu I just want to sleep as much as possible until I feel better. For something like a pulled muscle though I probably would play to pass the time.
Sometimes it really cheers me up. And I love my wireless controller, because I can sit in my bed and play it. Usually I play some Forza 4...just some casual races, nothing hardcore :D
If I have a pounding migraine headache, then all I want to do is take some aspirin and lie down in a dark room, but if all I have is the common cold, then I'll just grab some tissues and hand sanitizer and keep playing video games. When I have a cold, my mind is still awake and wants to be entertained.
When I was younger, I usually had the urge to play video games whenever I was sick (had the flu) but I normally was not able to do so because my parents prevented me to do so. Now that I'm a bit older, all I want to do is lie down in bed whenever I'm sick. If it's only a minor sickness like cough or colds, I still play video games.
Depends on how sick I actually am. If I'm at the point where either my headache is unbearable or I'm constantly throwing up I won't even go near my console. However, if I only got a cold or the flu I'll play with no problem.
I find gaming on the Xbox a lot more appealing when I'm sick than on my pc. I'm a pc gamer foremost but you can stay wrapped up and just move your fingers on the pad - much easier when you feel like death!!
If it's just a cold, sure.
But if I have something with my stomach or I just cant get up, I wouldn't play the console.
Ugh. I played GTA IV for a couple of hours when I was sick. It wasn't a good idea. Driving that car around gave me crazy motion sickness. I had to get up twice to vomit before I gave up and went back to bed. Maybe if it had been a game without so much first person action it might've been different. I don't know.
I'll play a video game whenever I'm given the chance. :p Playing video games when I'm sick helps me take my mind off of the fact that I am actually sick.
I was ill a week or so before Christmas with the Norovirus. Not pleasant at all, and I was pretty much confined to either my bed, or the bathroom, for about 12 days staright. I probably would have gotten stir crazy if I didn't have my Xbox there to play. I think it helped that I was playing Skyrim, so I could just wander around doing the Miscellaneous missions & not having anything too difficult to worry about.
Halo is always the game I want to play whether I’m sick or in perfect condition. It makes me feel better if I killed someone and yells. Besides I forget that I’m sick when I’m indulging in the game.
I do, sometimes its the best thing i can do in order to forget how sick i'm feeling. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes its better than an aspirin.
I always try to play video games when I'm sick. I can handle it for a little while but I always ended up quitting.
After a while, they all effect me like first person shooters usually do; major headache and occasional nausea feeling.
When I'm sick I crawl under a rock, lock the door and do absolutely nothing but drink as much water as I can, even if it makes me throw up more. I love throwing up, I mean I don't WANT to throw up but if I'm sick it actually makes me feel better for 30 minutes afterwards. An empty stomach, besides water, and being covered in 12 blankets does it for me. I'm not up to playing when sick, at all.
I don´t usually play games when I´m sick, the last one I played when I was sick with a flu was God of war 2, and it was not a pleasant experience, I always end dizzy when playing a game in that state.