Xbox 360 Playing Shooters Online


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Jul 5, 2012
When you're playing a shooter game online, say Modern Warfare 3 for example, do you prefer to play team-versus-team style, or one-on-one style? My husband likes to play team-versus-team, since he has so many friends online that will join in with him on his team, but when I play, I'd rather play one-on-one.
It depends on how many people are playing. If I sign on and several of my friends are online too, I'll invite all of them to play in something like Team Deathmatch, but if I sign on and no one else is on, I'm fine playing one-on-one with someone here at the house.
Unless it is with a group of friends that I know most times I stick with the 1-1, I prefer to breeze through a game at my pace and not end up feeling rushed. That is when the game starts to suck the life out of you when you are rushing around and missing the game play.
None of my friends have the same systems that I do, so I usually just play with random strangers. It's also more fun to play with more people especially in a game the size of Battlefield 3
I generally like to play on teams. My husband and I have a fairly decent sized group of friends that all play together. I just think it's more fun when we can all be on party chat and be our normal obnoxious selves with each other...and I don't have to filter my language outbursts when I do something dumb or get killed :)