Playstation Move


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Apr 10, 2012
I had a chance to recently test Playstation move and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's much more convenient than the Kinect where you need a lot of room to do anything. You can just sit on the couch and let your wrists do the movement. And it's miles better than the Wii-mote, it has much more accurate movement.
I played a game with a sword on it at a local tech expo. I agree that is much better than the Wii but it's still a big gimmick. It's pure marketing and I doubt it'll become more than it currently is. I see it as the Nintendo Power Glove of the current generation.
They are all "gimmicks". It's a marketing trick that's working. Even though I generally dislike the idea of tricking your customers into buying thing like these, I do think there is a plus to it. The more people get into gaming the bigger our numbers become, some casuals will eventually move on to serious gaming.