PlayStation Vita


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Jan 21, 2012
Anyone here plan on forking out the cash to pick one of these up? I am not really sure I would end up liking this but I am curious if anyone gets it, how well it works. A friend was asking me about one the other week and I had nothing to tell (which was random considering its gaming involved).
I think it is good, but don't think I will be buying it and I would rather play on a 360 hooked up to a TV.
Playing on a 360 works fine for me at the moment. I've thought about getting a Vita, but will wait and let the price drop. I'm hoping to get it in one of those snazzy colors they've shown on the Vita models. For now, you have to settle for basic black and white.
I don't have a need for one, but my husband travels for work sometimes, so I imagine he would like to have one to take on trips. Like Zelda mentioned though, I'd like to let the price drop at least once before buying it. I'd also like to give other people some time to buy it first and review it. That way, if it's a total flop, we won't have wasted our money on it by buying it too soon! :~)