Xbox 360 Political Games for Xbox?


New Member
Mar 8, 2012
With all the interest in politics, I'm surprised that there isn't an Xbox game that capitalizes on the election year. They could have each player trying to get the number of delegates they need to win the nomination. The game could be serious with elements of political intrigue, or it could be lighter fare that pokes fun at politicians. Can you see a game like this succeeding?
That sounds pretty nerdy but I wonder why they are not pushing for something like that. Then again I could kind of see the hold up when it comes to having to 'follow the letter of the law'. Too many people have issues understanding the law and how it works now, putting that all into a game would be a tedious task.
I guess it does sound like a game that only a nerd could love. But there are lots of movies that center around political issues, so it all depends on the story and the rest of the elements of the game. It wouldn't be a traditional action-adventure type of game, but it might work in the RPG format.