Xbox 360 Possible DLC?


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Nov 11, 2012
I was playing AC3 over at a friend's house yesterday afternoon and at the end of the first mission, Shaun tells Desmond that he wants to "dial the Animus all the way back to the first civilization" to see what it was like. Does anyone else think this might be a hint towards DLC - or maybe even a new game?
You could have a point, Tim. I'd be interested to know if Shaun has ever said anything like this in one of the other games, especially if it related to DLC that came out later.
I don't know. It could have just been an idle comment for the sake of conversation, but it would be cool if Assassin's Creed came out with a game or DLC that took place in ancient Egypt, especially if you got to spend a lot of time exploring tombs and whatnot.
Ancient Egypt, Traditional China, all of those would be pretty epic. Although, It has been 5 years, and 6 games. Assassin's creed needs an ending. I would like to see one more after black flag that is the grand finalè. I don't personally think that Black Flag is the right setting for a truly epic game. I think that there should be one more after it that would be the strongest and best one yet. This is what I am looking forward to.