Xbox 360 Post your Xbox 360 setup pictures


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Sep 19, 2011
You've got'em, we want em. Post pics of your Xbox 360 setup.
It's a bit blurry because it was done with my phone, and I had actually just moved into the apartment that day so there is quite a mess. I have a 47inch Samsung 1080i TV with surround sound speaker system. I have the Xbox Elite. You can't see it, but I have a nice chair to the right, so I turn the TV and sit about 4 feet from the screen. :D I tried to play from the couch, but I can't do that in the games I'm really good at because I just don't have the same focus as when I'm up close and can spot people quickly.


That's an impressive setup especially considering you had just moved into your apartment that day! I don't have an Xbox yet, so I guess I'll have to live vicariously.
Thanks. :) Yeah, I get things done and don't mess around procrastinating. I made sure the Comcast guy was at my place the same day. I moved early in the morning and had 3 guys from the moving company help. I got everything set up all by myself. :)
Congratulations on your new apartment. Your Xbox 360 setup looks great. It's impressive that you got everything unpacked and set up the same day.
The last time I moved, I went without TV or internet for 1 1/2 weeks because I wasn't as organized as you. I want to move again this year, so I have to plan better. You sure have a lot of trophies.
I am using that coffee tray as a mouse pad right this minute. ;)

That's a nice KDR if it's still as hard to kill people in 1943 as it was in 1942? I have 1942 on my old PC, never got it for the XBox but BF3 is on my 'going to buy one day' list. Probably just before BF4 releases. :)

Living room / gaming area set up.
Five year old Xbox 360.
42 inch Element tv.
It's not a Complete picture of my setup but I thought I'd share anyway

Dude that's awesome! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that setup?
I've been looking for a Gears-themed setup but I never found on quite as stunning as yours :)
My setup is in my bedroom.

Everything gaming in my room:

Xbox 360 Slim 320gb
Playstation 3 80gb
Wii *homebrew
Stereo/surround sound
32inch Panasonic TV
Moon Chair
47' Samsung Flat Screen, and a computer chair about a foot away from my a boss.

My eyes? Don't worry, I get fully covered for vision at work :p.
Just moving into our apartment so no awesome set up yet, but some of these are great! Stealing ideas, maybe ;).
My setup would probably require an entire essay but I will try and explain it briefly:

I have my xbox in my bedroom where I have my PC but I don't have a TV to hook it up to so instead I hook it up to my PC monitor, in order to do that I connect the xbox by using a special AV cable that splits off into audio and and video, the video is a VGA but my monitor is a DVI only so I must use an adapter to connect that. Then for the audio there's a red and a white cable, they connect into a joiner that connects the two into one, and that is then connected to a female to female adapter and then finally I can plug in some speakers or headphones to it. It's as complicated as it sounds, but I spent about $10 on the cables and it saves me a lot of room than if I was to buy a TV just for the console.
This is my current setup ( the photo is a little bit old so my xBox is still no there but it's the same ).



I'm really proud of it, I made almost everything myself ( not counting electronics obviously.. :p ). Hope you guys like it as much as I.