power adapter for xbox classic and soft mod

Discussion in 'Original Xbox Console' started by Obsy, Nov 12, 2020.

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    Nov 12, 2020
    Hello to everybody !

    I have a question about "to-buy-or-not-to-buy" a classic xbox without the power adapter:

    The thing is that I've already the 360, but I'd like to play Midtown Madness 3, that exists only as an original xbox game, and this one does not work with the 360 RGHed.. It's one of those games that simply does not work with the hacked emulator.

    So I'm on fire, decided to have my "lowest priced" original xbox. The thing is that I've found one that does not have the power adapter nor the gamepad (I would test it before I buy it, of course), so I'd like to ask:

    - Just a normal power cord connected to a standard power supply would work ? If so, which characteristics should have it (adapter and connector) ?

    - If an specific power adapter is required, where to get one at the lowest possible price ?

    - The xbox original is easy to mod, isn't it ? No rgh required, just a soft mod ?

    - Acquiring the gamepad doesn't seem to be a problem, 'cos in places like Aliexpress it's easy to find.

    I'm including links to three pictures of the 'machine' for you to be easy to identify the required parts:

    product id (512 1188307 33205)


    Thanks in advance !!!