Xbox 360 Pre-Ordering Video Games



Do you ever pre-order video games? If so, which video games have you pre-ordered in the past? Why do you pre-order them instead of waiting to buy them after they're released? Have you ever pre-ordered a video game, brought it home, played it, and hated it? Did you regret pre-ordering the game after that?
I don't ever pre-order video games, because I always like to play them first and make sure I like them before I buy them. I prefer to rent them or borrow them from a friend first. My husband has pre-ordered games in the past though. He loves Call of Duty, so he always pre-orders the newest game as soon as he can.
I like to pre-order video games because it gives me something to look forward to when they're released and I get to go pick my copy up that day. However, I don't pre-order a game unless I've already played previous titles in that franchise before. I made the mistake one time of pre-ordering a game that I "thought" I would like, then I hated it after I'd played it for a couple hours. I ended up trading the game back in for credit towards another game, but they never give you what you paid for it.
I'm wary about pre-ordering video games. What if I don't like the game? I would much rather try the game first and THEN buy it, if I like it that much. I'm picky about my games, so there are a lot of games that I rent and play that I don't end up buying.
Where Im from, not pre ordering a game means that you cant get it for about 2-3 weeks. Dead island was almost impossible to get if you didnt pre-order it. I was lucky enough to have a friend that works at gamestop.
I don't tend to pre-order any game unless they offer a pre-download, similar to what Diablo III had on launch. It's also the case when I know for sure I will be buying it because I expect it to be great.
I always pre-order the sequels of the games I like in order to support the developers. I also do it when I trust the team that's releasing it to come up with a great product. Skyrim was a great example of that.