Original Xbox Price check on a used console


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Apr 12, 2012
I've never had an original Xbox because when I started gaming the 360 was already out. That being said, I did manage to acquire some old consoles such as the original NES, the SNES and a PlayStation 1. I am now looking to add the original Xbox console to that collection but I don't know what the average price for a used console is. I would also be interested in a completely new one but I'm betting those are really expensive now.
I actually gave mine away, and so did some of my friends. For £30-£40 it's not really worth it. You can check out prices on Ebay or similar websites that sell stuff like this, you might run into a great dela if you're lucky.
I would probably be willing to sell mine for around $50, I wonder if anyone would buy it for that much? It works perfectly fine and is in very good condition despite the fact that it is used.
Since you are talking about the original xbox and not the 360. The price will be significantly lower as no one really buys it anymore. I would say that you can find one for around $40.
It really depends, but you can get a cheap one for like 30 bucks if you are lucky, and might even get one or two controllers.
Most video game stores, like Gamestop, offer a used original Xbox console for about seventy dollars. If you were to sell your own, you'd probably get about thirty dollars. That's a little low, so eBay might be the better route.
eBay is the best route for something like this. Don't fall for the GameStop crap. They will literally tell you a game is worth $10 while smirking. Then sell it for $25.
Not very much and as already mentioned here eBay will be your best friend for this one.
Not very much and as already mentioned here eBay will be your best friend for this one.
Just go to yard sales and stuff like that. you will find it for something like 20 bucks probably. I would strongly suggest that you get it soon though because it will start becoming more collectible in the years to come.