Xbox One Problems after case removal


New Member
Mar 24, 2020
Hey all,
I'm new here. So if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.

Platform: Xbox one s

History of the issue: I removed the case of the Xbox one s after our new kitten decided to have diarrhea on the outter case.

After cleaning the case and letting it dry I put the console back together. However... Now the physical power button doesn't work.

My Questions: what is missing that I'm not catching onto? Does anyone know a fix for this?

Note: when I shine a light under the case and depress the power button, it appear to make contact with something up in there and looks like it should power up.

Yes the unit will power on via the remote or the eject button, yes the eject button ejects discs.

And no, the console no longer smells like kitty poop (in case any one was going to ask how it smelled now).....that's the one positive here!

Any ideas or answers or fixes would be great!

Thanks in advance guys!