PS Vita or 3DS


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Oct 11, 2012
Nintendo and Sony are the ones battling it out in the handheld platform. Sony has the PS Vita and Nintendo has the 3DS. I don't have both handhelds and I'm not planning to buy any since I already have a slew of electronic devices that keep me busy.

But since I'm such a good boy and Christmas is fast approaching, I need to make a list that I would send to Santa, and fast. If I were to choose only one handheld console to put on my list, what would you suggest - the PS Vita or the 3DS?
Well I think you should just go ahead with the 3DS since I'm pretty sure it's better.
I've tried Vita it's meh.
You might as well just get an XL version of the 3DS while your at it.
I say the PS Vita. The games are much more appealing to me.
PS Vita by far... who would want a 3DS anyway... I know I dont.
I would suggest getting the PS Vita! In my opinion the games that are available are better and more engaging on the Vita than the 3DS. However, I am sure you could not go wrong with either.
Having now tried both handhelds myself, I could confidently day that I'd go with the PS Vita. It has better graphics and has a lot of really great games. You could have more bang for your money if you go with the PS Vita rather than the 3DS because the PS Vita has a lot more functions incorporated to the device. I'm not saying that the 3DS is not a good handheld console. I'm saying that the PS Vita is simply better.