Xbox 360 PS4, Xbox 720 targeting 2014 release


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Dec 22, 2011
Microsoft and Sony plan to hold off releasing their next consoles until 2014.Despite strong rumours that Nintendo will reveal its next-gen console at E3 this year for a release in 2012, MS and Sony are said to be 'hoping' they can continue with their plan of giving their current machines long long innings.Even if MS does release a console in 2013, it's more likely to be a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 rather than a next-gen console.
Well, maybe by 2014 I'll actually have enough money saved up to buy a new console, lol. That is, if I start saving today... which is highly unlikely, lol. On the plus side, when they release the next generation consoles, the prices for the current generation consoles should drop! Do you know if the next generation consoles will be backwards compatible?
they should be backwards compatible and the storage should be much higher. we're talking probably over a terabyte of memory. games will be downloaded rather than bought in store