Original Xbox Psychonauts

Miss X

New Member
Sep 22, 2011
I remember playing Psychonauts, on my original Xbox. It was a quirky and fun game, involving you playing a character named, Raz, who travels inside peoples heads, to figure out why brains are being snatched from the psychic camp. I wish they would come up with an updated version, for the 360. Did anyone else ever play this game?
Psychonauts sounds like a pretty interesting Xbox game, but I have never played it, before. Was there ever a sequel to Psychonauts? I might check the used section, at Gamestop, to see if they have this game.
I adored Psychonauts! To me it seemed like it had a really weird difficulty curve, though that might just be me. It seemed like it would get arbitrarily really difficult at random points.
I believe a remake of the game is in the works. Either that or the team behind it is going to come up with a new IP. Either way it's bound to be a great game and I can't wait!