Xbox 360 Puzzle games


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Sep 22, 2011
Every once in a while I like to unwind and play some puzzle games on the computer. I would love to find some that I could play on my Xbox though. Any recommendations on puzzle games I might like?
There are a lot of Puzzle quest games that my nephew loves to play. I have not played any of them though. I just looked at Amazon and was surprised to see how many puzzle games there are for the X-box. Take a look there to see if any interest you.
You might enjoy Bejeweled or Jewel Quest. I haven't played either on the Xbox myself, but I have played similar ones onlines. There must be at least a dozen versions of the jewel game. I agree with you about puzzle games being a nice way to unwind, not to mention become addicted.
Oh yeah - I played Bejeweled online too and it was really fun. I have not ever played Jewel Quest though. I will have to look that one up. I think I might add some puzzle games to my list of wants!
I love Bejeweled and Jewel Quest. Puzzle games are a great relaxation tool. I know of a few other puzzle games, but I have not played them yet. I always seem to get sidetracked, and forget to check them out. Here is the description, for a puzzle game that I really want to play.

The UnderGarden- In The Undergarden, you play the role of a creature who has to pollinate all the plants you can find. The plants you have to tend all live in a vast and intricate sea-cave filled with strange life forms, dead ends, and… musicians. In order to fertilize the flora, you’ll have to use your brain and your environment to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures.
I normally play puzzle games on my DS or PC, so I don't have any recommendations, sorry! But I think The UnderGarden sounds really neat. I like hidden object games.
Puzzle games can be a blast, but on the PC. I like the interactive games where you are in a room with a friend like at Pogo games. I once sat up with my girlfriend until the morning playing a silly slot machine game. They have goals and things to achieve and we both were going for it.