Puzzles - on a CD


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Jan 20, 2012
I'm looking to get my mom a puzzle CD game for her computer. She just recently bought a laptop and she wants to use it to play games. She has looked online for puzzle games but has not found much (free). I would love to get her a CD full of puzzle games. Anyone know of any?
I don't know of any without doing some research, but I know that there are gaming websites out there offering memberships, and a paid membership might not be that much more expensive than what you're already planning to spend on a CD (if you can find one).
That is a good plan too. I could buy her one for her birthday and then just renew it each year. I bet that would be the way to go - that way there would always be new puzzles. Thanks for the tip!
Do you mean puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, or just games that require you to solve puzzles? In either case, Big Fish is a great source for both jigsaw puzzle and general puzzle games. They're not too expensive, have deals and discounts, and your mom can even play any game for free for one hour.
Yes, go with Big Fish. Their games are great and easy, my mom plays them too. I installed them on her PC and she just loves them. I bought a few but not to many because even if they cost so little to many games bought would leave me broke so little by little I put together a small collection for her.