Quantum Break cross buy


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Feb 8, 2016
Quantum Break will be cross buy on Xbox one and PC. I'm almost certain when I purchase it digitally on the X1 I will get the PC code. My question is will retailers like Best Buy/Gamestop give out a PC code with each physical disc or do you think the code will be in the wrapped disc case. is anyone salty over the fact that this game is not exclusive to the X1 due to the recent cross buy announcement?
the way it sounds is its cross play with the windows 10 stuff... it even cross platform saves and progress... which is a first that I am aware of.. I did see this in the weekly larry herb video. just wasn't really 100% layed out how they will exactly control the cross platform stuff.
I think the codes will be wrapped as normal, anything that is fun or enjoyable is usually strictly off the table when it comes to best buy as a rule of thumb.
Windows 10 related integration I'd assume. Quantum Break looks like an amazing game and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. The entire idea of it seems vastly different to today's third person super power jump around series like Infamous. I'm hoping there is some sort of multiplayer but I can live without that. I don't live in America so I'm not sure about how that'd play out.