Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit


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Jul 5, 2012
We use disposable batteries a great deal in this house from our stuff to the stuff for the kids. Is this kit really worth the price, how long does the charge last for?
I don't have a quick charge kit, but I've had my eye on one for a while now. As for the Xbox battery pack(s) that come with it, how long the charge lasts varies with usage. However, they do last MUCH longer than disposable batteries.
If you're talking AA and AAA type batteries, check out the Sanyo Enloops. I'm a photographer and that's what many pros use for their rechargeable batteries when they shoot. They work great and don't have a "memory" like the Energizer and Duracell ones do, so they last longer. Here's a review from Engadget, but it's fairly old and their technology has improved since then: Direct Link