Xbox One Redeemed backward game does not start on Xbox One, error 0x803f800b ...renew membership...


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Oct 17, 2017
Hi All,

I would like to ask your help here, after 5 times talk with Xbox support they suggested to start a thread about it, maybe here I can get some higher level support and ideas.

Sorry for my English, I try to be simple and clear.

I was try the Xbox GamerPass service, as I got few day trial - as every Xbox live member. I really liked the game called "JoyRide turbo", so after I used the trial for Gamerpass, I decided to buy the game later on. (I did not extended my Gamerpass trial, so I dont have subsscription for it, but I have Live Gold and EA Access).

I was bought a digital code trough to my friend for JoyRide turbo, what is an xbox 360 game with backward comp. I redemeed the code succesfuly on the Microsoft/Xbox webpage with my connected, gamer account. I did not got any email but it was marke das successfull redeem, also now, if I am checking the game at the marketplace, it is marked as already bought.

After that, or since that, I can not play with the game, I am keep getting the following error code:
0x803f800b ("Looks like you need to renew a membership...")

Here is also a screen about it:


I was ask the Xbox support team help via chat. Since that, I talked with 5 of their collegaues, and they confirmed that the redeemed code is valid, the game should be playable, but they dont know what is the problem. It seems that the game was correctly reedemed but it is not appearing in the purchase history.

I was trying uninstall ,reinstall (~6 times), restart, login logout, wifi off/wifi on, factory reset (kept the instaled games as I dont want to loose my saved games).

So, after 5 time chat with the support (~6 hours) and chat with the Xbox Support on twitter, there is no improvements within 5+ days, I have to wait, they know that sometimes there is issue with the backward games etc. They told me lot of stupid things too, one of their colelgaue closed the case with an email that they know about the problem and it will be fixed in the future - than closed the case as solved). So their other collegaue started a case againts his collegaue who closed the case with false informations. Also they told me that maybe the JoyRide turbo not working on Xbox One. Yeah, you can remember, that I bought the game because it was fun via the Xbox GamerPass service on Xbox One.... And so on. Also, 2 of these colelgaues never answered or sent me anything after the talk.

So after lot of hours with investigation, chat, pushing, there is no solution, the conclusion is that I can not do nothing, the Xbox team knows about similar problems but they hava no time estimation when they will be solved. They are not pay attention to the problem, even if they opened 3 different cases, I have to upate them almost from the begining. And they dont like each other, nd dont agree with the communication of their collegaues.

So I bought a code, want to play, I can't, and I have to shut up and wait, maybe it will be fixed (or not). Is this normal? (also, I can write formal letter to their legal department).

Any ideas or advice?

Much Appreciated!

Please, is there anyone who can help me? Now more than 2 weeks later, I can confirm that I spoke with the support like 8 times, and trhere is no soulution ,compensation/refound yet. They dont care about it. They know about the problem but they are not helping to the customers who loosing money...