Xbox 360 Repairing A Headset


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Aug 9, 2012
My brother-in-law's headset is messed up in such a way that people can hear him speaking into it, but he cannot hear them. After messing with it obsessively for the majority of the afternoon, he's figured out that it all comes down to... that's right, the blue wire. :) He's trying to solder the headset as we speak, but I think if it were me, I'd just buy a new headset! We're not talking about a Turtle Beach or any other expensive headset; we're talking about the cheapest wired one you can find!!
Is it the original one that came with the console? We ended up chucking ours within a month or so, it was quite flimsy and that is the only drawback that I really had with the purchase. We ended up getting two extras one that fits for me and the kids, then one for the wife (she has a smaller noggin that we do I guess).
We've had to replace our headset several times, too. We've never tried to repair any of them; we just use one until we wear it out and then we buy a new one! It's really a shame how cheaply they are made, especially considering that the "inexpensive" ones are still about $20 dollars each.