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Oct 25, 2012
Researcher’s Handbook

Researcher’s handbook can be used as an addition for the original guide. It gives a bit clearer outlook on Bioshock 2 enemies, camera usage and other things that will help you during the game. For the original achievement guide, please – check this link.


If you haven’t noticed yet, in Bioshock 2 you won’t have a photocamera anymore. But instead game developers will give you a video cam. Luckily, it will come with a full set of great things and you won’t be forced to search for films and count their usage. And while you won’t start the game with a camera in your hands, you can expect to find it while roaming Pauper's Drop. You can’t actually miss it because it’s game related. If you have no idea on how to use this camera – don’t worry, there will be a tutorial right after you add the video camera to your inventory. Complete the tutorial and from now on try to use this camera as often as possible. Your task is to record all kinds of enemies while killing them. Keep it in mind that your Killing has to be unique and different. If you plan to kill enemies using the very same strategy – don’t do that because this won’t let you to get A or A+ for filming bad guys.
You can find your camera in the weapon menu and browse through it every time you need to film someone. Or, you can use the quick select option to access the camera. This is not hard: press and hold the “RB” button and use the “RS” to select the cam. It also might be a good idea to start recording before you enter the room or before you begin the fight. Concentrate on the object and film him/her while shooting and using Plasmids. If there are two or more enemies in the frame, concentrate on one (it will be highlighted). Camera is not good for filming multiply targets.

Research Tonics

To make your life easier while researching the bad guys, you might wanna get some tonics. Most of them can be found while you progress through the game but you will have to buy Keen Observer 2 from a Gatherers Garden – no doubt in that. All the research tonics will increase your overall research points.
1. Keen Observer Tonic – Can be found in Pauper's Drop (Eleanore's bedroom);
2. Keen Observer 2 Tonic – Can be bought from a Gatherers Gard in Dionysus Park;
3. Extended Reel – Can be found in the Project Booth at the Triton Cinema (Dionysus Park);
4. Damage Research – Can be found near the exit from the train in Fontaine Futuristics.

Enemy Types

There are 9 enemy types throughout the whole of Rapture and all of them have 4 levels of research. If you manage to film them all, you are going to be very and very happy as well as you will manage to unlock some of the achievements. Some enemies will only be available to research for a short period of time so following this handbook should solve all your issues if any. But if you are here, it looks like you have some after all)
Enemy Types
Big Daddy/Sister
- Big Daddy - Alpha Series
- Big Daddies - Bouncer - Rosie - Rumbler
- Big Sister
- Brute Splicer
- Houdini Splicer
- Leadhead Splicer
- Spider Splicers
- Thuggish Splicer
Security Bots - Security Cameras - Turrets

Probably, the most important thing you need to remember is that some enemies can be found only in certain places of the game which means that you won’t be able to find them anywhere else after. In other words, if you see someone new – start filming immediately. This should save you from missing the achievement. But, to help you out in not that easy task, here’s the list of enemies and locations where they can be found.
Pauper's Drop
- Thuggish Splicer – those are really hard to find and if you see one – do whatever it takes to film it. Sometimes, users claim that they’ve seen none during the whole game which means – double attention is required!
- Leadhead Splicer
- Brute Splicer
- Rosie
- Big Sister
- Security
Siren Alley
- Thuggish Splicer
- Leadhead Splicer
- Spider Splicer
- Brute Splicer
- Rosie
- Big Sister
- Rumbler
- Security
Dionysus Park
- Houdini Splicer
- Leadhead Splicer
- Spider Splicer
- Brute Splicer
- Elite Bouncer
- Rumbler
- Security
Fontaine Futuristics
- Houdini Splicer
- Leadhead Splicer
- Big Sister
- Alpha Series
- Rumbler
- Security
- Big Sister x2
Inner Persephone
- Houdini Splicer
- Elite Brute Splicer
- Alpha Series
- Big Sister Encounters

Researching Techniques

As it was mentioned before, you need to prepare for filming (as well as battles) beforehand. Practice a bit and try to teach yourself on using camera quick access. This actually saves a lot of time and makes the procedure of filming easier. Now, the very second you start shooting, there will appear the research counter on the right side of the screen. Fight your enemy using different weapons and plasmids to earn as much research points as possible. You see, a way to success here is based on variety and creativity in killing, so make sure that goes well.
Minor Research: Photos
If you are too lazy or too busy doing something else (or simply fail filming), there is a possibility to get closer to the body and take a picture of the corpse. It won’t give you much but at least it will give you something.

Researching Results & Rewards:

Probably, you have some of the research rewards already but below you will find the whole list of rewards you need to unlock in order to become successful. Some rewards will come in the form of a Tonic, others will help take down your enemies faster.

Thuggish Splicers
Level 1: Increases Damage against Thuggish Splicers
Level 2: Increases Wallet Cap
Level 3: Increases Damage against Thuggish Splicers
Level 4: Scrounger Tonic

Leadhead Splicers
Level 1: Increases Damage against Leadhead Splicers
Level 2: Slow Security Response
Level 3: Increases Damage against Leadhead Splicers
Level 4: Thirsty Hacker Tonic

Houdini Splicers
Level 1: Increases Damage against Houdini Splicers
Level 2: Easier to spot Houdinis when teleporting
Level 3: Increases Damage against Houdini Splicers
Level 4: Natural Camouflage Tonic

Spider Splicers
Level 1: Faster movement speed
Level 2: Spider Splicer organs act as First Aid Kits
Level 3: Even faster movement speed
Level 4: Fountain of Youth Tonic

Brute Splicers
Level 1: New Drill Dash Ability
Level 2: Increases melee damage
Level 3: Increases Damage against Brute Splicers
Level 4: Armored Shell 2 Tonic

Big Daddes - Bouncer, Roise, Rumbler
Level 1: Increases Damage against Big Daddies
Level 2: Increases Drill damage
Level 3: Increases Damage against Big Daddies
Level 4: Arms Race Tonic

Alpha Series
Level 1: Increases Damage against Alpha Series
Level 2: Increases ammo carrying capacity
Level 3: Increases Damage against Alpha Series
Level 4: Elemental Storm Tonic

Big Sister
Level 1: Increases maximum EVE capacity
Level 2: Free Health restoration after gather ADAM
Level 3: Increases maximum EVE capacity
Level 4: Drill Vampire Tonic

Security - Cameras, Turrets, Bots
Level 1: Increases damage against Security
Level 2: Double ammo on destroyed Security
Level 3: Increases damage against Security
Level 4: Deadly Machines Tonic
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