Xbox 360 Resident Evil 6 Chris & Piers Serpent Emblem Locations


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Nov 30, 2012
Here are all the RE6 emblem locations for the Chris & Piers Campaign. In Resident Evil 6 you can find serpent emblems throughout the 4 campaign modes of Chris, Leon, Jake, & Ada. Their are 5 chapters in each of the character campaigns. Each of those 5 chapters has 4 serpent emblems you can find. We have a complied a location guide below to help you find these Emblems faster. Emblems are large blue symbols or collectible items that can be broken when found, usually by shooting it much like it was in RE5. Their are 80 total emblems to find in the game and will help you unlock files and action figures in the game. Important to note that you won't find these emblems in areas where the main story intersects with the other characters story modes. Below you'll is the location of all the emblems for Chris & Piers campaign.

Campaign: Chris & Piers

Total Emblems: 20

Chapter One:

1.) Located in the beginning of the chapter, after opening the first door with Piers, run up the stairs and you'll see a hallway. The Glass will break from gun fire in this hallway. Look to your left as you progress through and you'll see the emblem on the left hand side in the butcher shop.

2.) This one is in the a storage room hidden by some boxes, this comes after the alley gun fight with the monsters from the garage. Its in the back right corner.

3.) You can get this emblem on the roof tops of Chapter One. Its very hard to find as you'll have to look at the buildings in a distance. Their is one building with a bunch of antennas coming out of it. The building has plastic tarps around it like an uncompleted building. You'll see the emblem their. Start looking for it before the section where Piers must protect Chris as he travels by a hanging wire. Use the video guide if you need help.

4.) During the hostage rescue mission toward the end of Chapter 1, You'll eventually find yourself on the floor number 6. Run around till you find some meat hanging from the ceiling. The Emblem is on the wall behind it.


Chapter Two:
1.) This one can be found in the area that Finn asks for the first time to buy him some time to plant explosives to explode the blocking train car. Simply fight your way all the way to the furthers area from where Finn is and you'll see the emblem in the back right hand corner.

2.) You'll have to be Piers to get this emblem, when you take out the tank on the bridge (segment when Chris is on the bridge and Piers is sniping from a further off advantage point) Once the tank is taken out, get out your sniper rifle and look toward the beginning of the bridge up top from where you are. You'll see the emblem their.

3.) This one is located in the building toward the end of the chapter where you discover the multiple people trapped in cocoons. Its before you meet Ada. In the very first room, before going up the stairs, run to the back of this room and behind the stairs. You'll see the emblem on the wall.

4.) Last one, after you meet up with Ada, you'll need to searching the room until you find a white like room with a green herb. Look to the top right and you'll see the emblem.


Chapter Three:
1.) When you start to go after the worm monster, you'll come to a gate. When you open the gate the story will cut to checking the blood on the ground. From this area you'll want to go left. You'll see the emblem at the left end corner.

2.) This one is in the area with the poker looking table that appears after the part where you find the dead guy on the floor. Go into the corresponding room to this one and you'll see the emblem on the bottom of the bunk beds.

3.) After the harbor in the restaurant we're you take out the second helicopter, you'll have to look out at the stilts while your on the top floor outside balcony to see this one. One of those ones to refer to the video as its very hard to find.

4.) Toward the end of the chapter when Chris is shooting and Piers is driving, you'll end up in a parking garage with a multiple vehicles and Javo to take out. The emblem is in this part toward the center right. You should see this one easily. Try to get it before killing off all the Javo.


Chapter Four:
1.) Toward the beginning where you see the giant transport helicopter, you'll want to enter the helicopter and make your way to the pilots cockpit. You'll see the emblem in their.

2.) On your pursuit of Ada Wong, you'll come outside and see a Boat with two spot lights on you. This emblem is on the boat with a spot light at the top. It's attached to the antenna system. Get out your sniper rifle and get it.

3.) After getting the ceiling door open you'll see a set of stairs going up and a suit case to your right. Open the suit case for some free skill points and proceed to the stairs. Before going up, look through the stairs at the bottom and you should see the emblem their.

4.) You'll need to be Piers in order to get the final emblem in this part. During the 4 minute you have to stop the missile, as Piers, you'll destroy your first obstruction object and go past it. Here you find the emblem inside of a tire.


Chapter Five:
1.) You'll need to be Chris for this one. When Piers is up top to control the fans and Chris is in the tunnel. Find the first tunnel fan and look past it, you'll see the emblem.

2.) Once you regroup with Piers or Chris, you'll enter a small room where Javo will start come in through the door on an all out assault on you. In an air duck in this room is where you'll find the emblem in the corner.

3.) This one is easy to find if you know to look for it. When fighting the squid BOW monster in the sub tunnels, their is an area where Chris must climb up to safety As soon as you climb to the top, you'll want to look to the left and down. You'll see the emblem from their.

4.) As your charging through the BOW barriers toward the end of the Chapter, you'll see this emblem at the last door on the right hand side before you go through it. This one will be off the map so take a look around or use the video guide to find it.