Xbox 360 Ridge Racer: Unbounded Achievements


Oct 2, 2012
Below is the list of achievements for Ridge Racer: Unbounded with their corresponding points and some tips and tricks in order to get them.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Achievements

Learning The Ropes (15)
Complete Domination Race tutorial.

It's a tutorial, you won't fail it.

Champion (15)
Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races.

With the tutorial, you are going to be rather equipped in finishing the first 20 Domination Races, first.

Race Dominator (15)
Finish 1st in 50 Domination Races.

The first 20 Domination Races is a cake walk. The next ones are challenging and you might fail a bit here and there, but it is achievable.

Winning! (15)
Finish 1st in 150 Domination Races.

The paltry achievement points are not reflecting the effort and skills you need in finishing first on the 150 Races! With practice and lots of frustration included, you can get away with this.

High Flyer (15)
Get 10,000 m/yd of total Airtime.

Don't get intimidated with the relatively high number of m/yd. That's actually snall and without even trying, you can achieve this.

Super Drifter (15)
Get 50,000 m/yd of total Drifting.

Just like the High Flyer, the high number of m/yd means nothing actually since you can get to this number rather easily.

Tail Chaser (15)
Get 35,000 m/yd of total Chasing.

Yes, intimidating number, but this one is basically part of playing the game and nothing to work for.

Drift Master (15)
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Drift Attacks.

This is a very rare feat. According to Exophase, there are only 41 players who are able to earn this trophy out of the possible 648. These data is based only on the people who signed up in their website, so that's really an inconclusive sample. Nevertheless, this seems to be a difficult task to complete.

Frag Master (15)
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Frag Attacks.

Frag attacks are relatively easier than Drift attack, and that doesn't mean that you can get away with this achievement without much effort and practice.

Can’t Touch This (15)
Finish 1st in 10 Domination Races without crashing or getting fragged.

If you are an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, you readily reset the race once you crash or get fragged. This can be too easy for you. Meanwhile, those who are just playing the game, not minding the achievement list, will never be able to achieve this.

I Just Want to Sing! (15)
Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races with 0 frags.

Just like Can't Touch This, it is virtually impossible for anyone to get this achievement because first, you must finish the race first. And second, you must be able to win the game without being tagged down out of the race. Totally requires skills and much more.

Drift to Win (15)
Finish 1st with 2,000 m/yd of total Drifting in any 8 player Domination Race.

You need to practice well in drifting, here is a good tutorial on how to drift successfully.

Fanboy's Revenge (15)
Win an 8 player multiplayer race with the Crinale.

Invite your Xbox friends and then ask them to fail the race. Of course, you have to use the mighty Crinale. This tip is basically cheating, but it works. You can always use the “legit” way of entering multiplayer sessions and winning the race with yourself.

Frag Capacitor (15)
Frag 10 racers in one race.

This is too easy. Watch this video, if he can frag 15 racers, you can frag 10.

City Demolisher (15)
Destroy 10 city targets in one race.

This is somewhat more difficult to achieve than frag capacitor. Unless you are meticulous, it's hard to keep your focus scattered. You have to the other way if you want to destroy city targets. If you like winning the races, you can't get this normally. Set aside a session where your only objective is to destroy 10 city targets and you are there.

Litterbug (15)
Cause $10,000 worth of collateral damage in one race.

Easy, as long as you drive over everything that moves, or doesn't move.

Sideslammer (15)
Frag any racer a total of 10 times while drifting.

Get this in the beginning races, the more complex the race tracks the less you are going to get this.

Bombardment (15)
Frag a total of 10 racers while airborne.

Pretty much standard, and you can complete this without even trying.

Flashing Fury (15)
Frag a total of 200 police cars in Frag Attack events.

This a total, everything counts. You don't need to frag 200 police cars in one session. That would be theoretically possible, but why suffer if you can have it the natural way.

Public Enemy (15)
Cause $100,000 worth of collateral damage in total.

Drive yourself out of the streets and you'll be there. This is total, not per race.

I Know You! (15)
Frag the same racer three times in one multiplayer race.

Enjoyable if you play multiplayer. Choose your rival friend, or maybe your current's ex, and ram him again and again until the count goes up to three, before he quits. If he does before you complete the count, he is a loser. In that case, ask your best friend to allow himself be fragged for three times.

Not Easy Being Mean (15)
Frag 20 cars in one race.

Double your frags from the Frag Capicitor. No sweat.

Nothing but Wreck (15)
Frag 200 racers in total.

Total, the game remembers the count, so let it flow.

Interceptor (15)
Frag a racer just before the finish line.

Intentionally tail a racer and ram him right away when you are close to the finish line.

City-Wide Destruction (15)
Destroy 100 City Targets.

Remember, this is total, not per session. Again, let this flow.

Mechanic's Nightmare (15)
Get your own car destroyed 100 times.

With increasing difficulty of the game as soon as you progress, it just won't be 100 times, but a thousand. The game will give this to you. No need to exert effort.

Boost Scrooge (15)
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without using boost.

The secret in completing this is this: don't crash, don't frag, just race.

Unbeatable (15)
Finish 1st in 50 multiplayer races.

Good luck! The multiplayer sessions have great drivers and good players. Practice, or just invite your friends and ask them to lose fifty times in a row!

Pure Racing Blood (15)
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without fragging anyone.

Not really enjoyable, keeping your head down when everyone gets rammed against the walls, or being take down. Resist temptations please!

My City (15)
Publish a city.

If you are obsessive-compulsive, this would take a long time. Just create something, and this notification will pop out on your screen.

City Creator (15)
Publish a city with 5 events.

While publishing a city, be sure to create five events while you are at it.

Getting Creative (15)
Create a track that uses Advanced Editor.

You don't have to be overly complex with your creation, just create through Advanced Editor.

World Domination (15)
Dominate 50 challenge events.

That's a lot of challenge events for paltry 15 points. That's why it's called challenge events because it is indeed challenging.

Challenger (15)
Dominate 10 challenge events.

Same amount of points for a lesser number of required challenge events. SMH.

Award Collector (15)
Get all Race Awards.

Each of the awards has different requirements, so read and achieve as needed.

Homage (15)
Unlock the Nakamura Racer '70.

You must reach rank 22 (Terminator) to unlock this car.

Garage Hoarder (15)
Unlock all cars.

It would take a lot of time for you to unlock this. Don't beat your self. It would come as long as you continue on playing the game.

GG HF (15)
Complete the Shatter Bay career.

Here is the entire walkthrough of the Shatter Bay arc.

Unbounded Gang Member (15)

Reach rank 10.

Play the game and you'll reach this eventually.

Ultimate Dominator (15)
Reach rank 30.

And this.

Model Citizen (25)
Finish in top three without causing any collateral damage.

Try to stay out of trouble and then finish the game. This would be hard since you are going to conservative in your racing.

Award Hogger (25)
Receive 20 awards in one race.

Choose a certain race to practice. Concentrate on just one race event and you'll have this in no time.

Creative Destruction (25)
Destroy 25 targets in one event.

Just destroy when targets appear on the screen. Try to race in slower pace so that you won't get past the targets.

Dealing with Rage Issues (25)
Destroy all targets and frag 5 racers in one race.

Combination of everything you've ever done! You can pretty have this while completing Creative Destruction and other similar feats.

Shattered Bay (25)
Destroy one of every City Target in the game.

Can be done while completing other feats.

Time Lord (25)
Get three domination stars in all Time Attack events.

Practice and practice!

Fragging Ball (25)
Frag 10 cars in one 8 player Domination Race.

Since there are eight players running the tracks, this is would be a walk in the park.

Domination Incarnate (25)
Dominate all districts in Shatter Bay.

Completing the Shatter Bay Arc will net you this award.

Race Master (100)
Finish 1st in every Shatter Bay Domination Race.

Reset every race if you finished second or lower.

Best In The World (100)
Win all 5 events in any 8 player City Domination match.

If you are able to complete each and every achievement, you can have this one in no time for you are skilled enough to win the five events.
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