Xbox 360 Rock Band versus Guitar Hero


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Aug 10, 2012
I'm a Guitar Hero fan myself, but I've been wondering about the Rock Band games. Are they just as good as Guitar Hero? I've heard some people say that the Rock Band games aren't all that great; what's your opinion?
I've never played the Rock Band games, but my nephew owns one and swears they're just as fun as Guitar Hero. He'll tell you that some of the Rock Band soundtracks are better than some of the Guitar Hero ones, and vice versa, but otherwise, they're fairly similar.
I'm not a big fan of either of them, but had to play them with my nephew a few times, and my impression was that the Guitar Hero one had better graphics. The soundtracks were pretty similar. Whether one is better than the other, I can't really say, but if you are a music enthusiast, you may notice a few differences.
Rock Band is better than guitar hero. Though Guitar Hero has revolutionized the music genre, I think Rock Band was the first to simulate an entire band - with guitars, bass, drums, etc. Music selection for both games are great but I think Rock band brings more to the table than Guitar Hero.
Honestly, I'm not sure specifically which of either I've played. It's always been at different friends' houses with a variety of the games.
I personally prefer Rock Band if you have a big group. You just get to have such a variety. No one gets bored. Suck at one? Switch.
I like Rock Band better. However the Beatles version of Guitar Hero is pretty legit. Still, I don't like these music videogames that much. They can be pretty entertaining for an afternoon or so, but after that they don't amuse me that much anymore.
I think rockband is just as fun as guitar hero.. you need to get used of the way the notes come out they arnt as bright and vibrant as the guitar hero games but when you get used to it it is aweesome.
Rock Band 3 is the Best!

I have owned and played a variety of console games from both titles, from about the time-frame of Guitar Hero III until now. I will say that my love was initially with Guitar Hero III, even when Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band came out. However, World Tour quickly grabbed my attention and grew to be my favorite above all other similar games. WT held it's status as my favorite until Rock Band 3 came out, It had much better features all-around, excluding only one thing: the ability to play multiple of the same instruments!

I've installed all the RB1, and RB2 songs to my X-Box, and they are now playable in my RB3 game. This is a TON of fun, and I've also bought a few of my favorite titles that were on Guitar hero, such as Lazy Eye or Numb so that I could enjoy them on RB3. I've had many friends over to play with me, and every single time we've had a blast with the variety of songs available in RB3.

To show what I've owned:

X-Box 360- Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3.

Wii- Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band.

Playstation 3- Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero 5.
I've owned Guitar hero 2 and 3 and rockband 1. thing I really hate is that and DLC you get doesnt stay to ur account. got a new xbox and lost it all because I couldnt do the licence transfer more than once in such a short time... pretty stupid to me
I'm with Skylark, Rock Band 3 is the most well-polished so far. My sons school even has a yearly battle of the air bands and they went with Rock Band for the competition. It's a lot of fun!
I'm giving my nod to Rock Band on this one. It has too many things going for it.

First off, all your old dlc are compatible with newer versions of Rock Band. With Guitar Hero, they force you to keep buying tracks. Then you take into account that Rock Band did what Guitar Hero should have right from the start. Which is bring other band instruments into play. We should thank Rock Band because that forced Guitar Hero to follow suit.
I'm not a big fan of these games but from what I've heard they are both very similar. My friend's kids are really into these two games, especially boys.
I'm not a big fan of these games but from what I've heard they are both very similar. My friend's kids are really into these two games, especially boys.

In that case, if your kids ask you to get newer versions of either, go for the Rockband one. At least they'll more than likely have the DLC since you can use older dlc on ANY Rockband. Which is something you can't do on Guitar Hero.
I always felt that Guitar Hero was much more fun for solo play and Rock Band is great for parties. Rock Band is hard to play if you have a bad drummer too ;) I don't usually like playing Rock Band alone so it depends on what kind of game play you're looking for. I like the songs on both games.
I've played both and definitely prefer rock band. I think it has a lot more to offer all around and the music is much better, imo :).
Because I'm a frugal person and fairly cheap anyway, I'd have to go with Rockband just based off the DLC savings alone. The fact that you can use your dlc from past games is a big deciding factor for people like me.
Don't know if everybody already knows this but RB3 is currently $9.99 on the marketplace at the moment.