Xbox 360 Rocksmith: Authentic Guitar Games

Miss X

New Member
Sep 22, 2011
There is a new game for the Xbox 360, called Rocksmith. The game comes out October 18th, and it blows my mind! You plug in your actual guitar in the Xbox, to play Rocksmith. I am unsure of the actual gameplay, has anyone heard anything about this game?
Wow! I wonder how the gameplay works, too. The thing with the fake guitar games is that you have buttons you press to input the "sound," so with a real'd have to play the song for real? That doesn't actually sound all that fun, now that I think about it.
Your actual guitar? I wonder how that works... it does sound cool though. I bet my nephew will have that one on the day it comes out. He is all into music and all into his X-Box too!
I think the game, somehow, teaches you to play the guitar. I am not sure on exact gameplay, I just thought it was cool that you plugged a real guitar in.
Does it work with any type of electric guitar or do you need a particular kind? I took guitar lessons a few years ago, and I'm actually curious to try this game. I haven't seen this game in the local stores yet. I'll see if I can order it online, because it sounds quite awesome.
I think as long as your guitar plugs into an amp, you can use it for this game. I tried looking it up, but I am in a hurry. I did find this awesome review of Rocksmith. Go check it out if you want to. This qoute has got me excited, all over again!

"Speaking of noodling around, Rocksmith has the best load screen I’ve ever seen. It activates the virtual amp whenever it’s “Loading…”, so you can take that time to warm up, play around, or experiment with new ideas."

Here is the link for the review: Ubisoft Rocksmith Review | Precision Computing