Xbox One SADoJ RP Community!


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Jul 9, 2019
San Andreas Department of Justice is a roleplay community based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 that covers all important aspects of everyday life. We are a friendly community that has been Roleplaying since 2018. If you are looking for in-depth, lifelike representation of life in Los Santos, we can offer it to you.

The two divisions in our roleplays are as follows Police

The Police Department is made up of 5 divisions all with specific roles:
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Procedure on becoming an officer involves a two-phase training course teaching the essential skills needed to be a police officer in the city. The department is fully responsible for the policing and security of the Los Santos urban area. More info on the police is available on our Discord once you join.


As a civilian, you will start off with a small amount of cash which you use Discord to keep a track on while interacting with other players to create connections or enemies. During your second roleplay, you will be able to apply for your first job. This job will be entry-level and will fund your lifestyle in Los Santos.

There is a lot more information about civilians on our Discord server if you would like to know more.

EMT & Fire
Working in our EMT and Fire Department you will be on call as a volunteer or as a full-time member.

You must have a working headset.
You MUST be 17 or older for Police.
You MUST be 15 or older for Civilian.
Own GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox 1.
Must have access to an app store or laptop.
How to Join? To join SA'DOJ as a Police Officer or Civilian or even EMT and Fire click here. To join our discord and ask our admins: