Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Miss X

New Member
Sep 22, 2011
I really loved the Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie. The graphics were great, and the music was awesome. So, now I realize there is an Xbox arcade game for Scott Pilgrim. Has anyone played the Scott Pilgrim game? Am I going
to be disappointed? I have heard, that the soundtrack to the game is pretty cool.
I have played Scott Pilgrim on the PS3 but not on Xbox. I imagine it's basically the same. It's a fun game, very much like an arcade game. You get to play as one of the main characters and fight off the exes. And yes, the soundtrack is pretty neat too.
It's a fun way to kill an afternoon, but nothing spectacular. I'd advise renting it first to see if it's something you'll really spend a lot of time playing.
I loved the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and I did not even know there was a video game for it. I am going to have to check it out, because I am a sucker for "wasting the afternoon away" games.
I really loved this game. It was fun to fight with the evil exes of Ramona Flowers in order to make her like Scott Pilgrim. The graphics are not really that impressive, but the gameplay was enjoyable, and the whole idea of winning a girl's heart by fighting her exes was original...
My hubby and I played it together for awhile, and we enjoyed it while it lasted. However, we had to stop playing pretty soon into the game because we were regularly having problems with it freezing.