Serious problems with x1 controllers

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Cowgoesmoo2, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Sep 18, 2019
    The X1 Day One controllers were just absolutely awful right?

    I honestly just want to know if I'm not crazy.
    Those controllers required roughly 200 pounds per square inch in order for me to press the bumpers.

    I want to play a PC game with xbox controllers. I'm not a playstation user, but seriously, if there are no working controllers I can use I'm going to have to either try to use my 360 controller or actually freaking buy a PS4 controller. That would suck.

    I have a newer xbox controller which is the one where they DIDN'T go full retard; it's an older lunar white controller, back when lunar white FIRST came out. The issue is that I've been playing a game that requires absolute mashing of left bumper and now it's extremely unresponsive. I need to just absolutely rape the left bumper if I want consistent registers.
    It's because these bumpers, instead of requiring 200 psi to click are now REALLY easy and feel more flimsy. Well, they might actually be flimsy given my experience right now.

    Please help.. Are there any x1 controllers that will be able to handle constant bumper mashing? Any suggestions for what I can do?

    And please tell me it's not just me who is finding out that x1 controllers are absolute garbage apparently. Until now I thought they were cool but now I'm concerned I'm going to ruin all of them if I try to keep playing this game with a controller.
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