Shadow Complex


New Member
Feb 22, 2012
I don't play too many Xbox arcade games, but Shadow Complex is definitely a favorite. I've always liked side-scrolling games, so when a good one comes around these days, it's fun to go back to that style. Has anybody else played this one?
I haven't played it, but I will defiantly go check it out since you seem to really like it.
I have not checked out this game yet, but I will now. I could always use a change of pace, and sometimes old style games are just what you need. I have not checked out Xbox arcade games in a while, so I can also check out what else is there.
I bought Shadow Complex and thought I might regret it. I was amazed that after winning the game a few times, I still like to play it. The side scrolling is a nice change to most game styles that are out now.