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Discussion in 'Xbox Clans' started by The Sephtis, Mar 11, 2021.

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    Mar 11, 2021
    ShadowGaming has been around since 2012, we were in the top 10 clans on Destiny 1, call of duty black ops 2, and call of duty ghost.

    Now we have grown and have branched out to multiple different games, and our numbers are growing across Xbox, PSN, and PC.

    We are pretty active on discord if you would like to come check us out just say that you saw Sephtis post on xbox forums!

    Our goal is to get up to 2k members and start getting sponsors and start playing in tournaments and winning money.

    We have a laid back group of people that play to have fun, and we have a group of people who play competitively, and we also have a group of achievement/trophy hunters!
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