Xbox 360 Shooter Style Games For Kinect


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Nov 18, 2011
Do you think the Kinect, will ever come out with some shooter style games, like Call of Duty? I think that would be pretty interesting, but I am not sure how the gameplay would be. What do you think?
I am not sure if there will ever be a shooter game, for the Xbox 360 Kinect. It would be pretty cool, though, and makes me wonder how a Kinect shooter game would be played.
I think that might be a tad hard, wouldn't they need to create another controller for it? I am not 100% that their current ones would work seeing as how its setup.
I would think so, because I guess they know if they do, they would rule the market! Just wait, eventually we will get there.
I think that would be freaking awesome. I love games where I can have an actual gun in my hand like when I go to the arcade and play Resident Evil.
^So do I, the ones for Wii are cool, but we need something better. I found them to be a little annoying at times. But I would think that we will get there eventually. I think it will be Microsoft to release something like this first, but Sony is right behind.
I hope so! Unfortunately i don't have a lot of time but for a shooting game I would sleep less if I had to :)
I remember playing this game when I was very very young, I had to shoot some ducks, it was a game on a TV console, those old types. I had a blast!
Yeah, why not? But still, a shooting game for kinect would be more fun if they would release some accessories, like the ones available for wii. Imagine playing a shooter with a gun. Now that would be way more cooler.
I think they are getting closer to it everyday. During E3 coverage earlier this year, they previewed the new stealth action Splinter Cell game and it will incorporate the Kinect into its game play. I don't think it will be much longer before we see titles like Call of Duty taking advantage of the technology.
Like Clark said, it would be way more cooler to play with a gun. Without it, I think it would be boring. Just imagine having a gun, and shooting, just like back in the days when we were playing Duck Hunt and trying to shoot that dog. :D
Duck Hunt, that was what I was talking about, couldn't remember the name of the game a week ago. I loved that game, I really hope they will come up with something similar soon, it would be tons of fun!