Xbox 360 Silent Hill


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Sep 22, 2011
Has anyone played Silent Hill? It sounds perfect if you're a fan of psychological thrillers. It's been around for over ten years. The newest installment is coming out early next year and it's called The Book of Memories. Silent Hill sounds very complex and is probably a game that you wouldn't outgrow easily. Much of it takes place in two alternate dimensions and solving puzzles is a large part of it.
I haven't, but that's only because I'm really scared to play it! I've seen some videos of people playing the Silent Hill games, and it looks really terrifying to a wimp like me.
I have not played Silent Hill, but I have always wanted to. I am kind of scared, too, because the game does look scary. I would probably have nightmares, after playing Silent Hill.
Silent Hill is, indeed, among the scariest games I've ever played. However, the graphics are remarkable. I don't own the game, but I've played it several times at a local internet cafe. Luckily, there were many people around me, so the atmosphere of the game didn't seem that creepy.
I've played a few of the game. To me, it's one of the scariest game franchises out there. The only franchises that might be scarier are the fear, and fatal frame series.