Simulation games


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Dec 15, 2011
I am not sure why but I absolutely love sims style games. I am currently playing Virtual Families and I have about 10 generations in so far. I have had to start over since I got busy and my family was neglected and died. Anyone else like these games? What is your favorite one?
I've played the Virtual Families one and kind of liked the fact that the family could get sick and die. Not because I'm sadistic, but because it made the game more "real".
I've never played Virtual Families, but I have played the Sims games and I love them. I think my favorite is the first Sims game they ever came out with for a console, which was on PS2. I still have it and even though the graphics are way better on the newest one, the sound effects are still better on the first one.
I have never played any either but I might check it out. A friend of mine has been bugging me for a while now to check a few out, I have no idea what she is playing but she said its pretty easy to pick up on.
I tried a flight simulation game once and the experience was awesome. It was all so real I was scared not to crash the plane!
Simulations game are really fun, much more fun than regular games.