Sing It


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Jan 20, 2012
Do you own any Sing it games for the Wii? We own the Disney one and it's cute. My daughter loved it in the beginning, but she got bored with it. I'm going to trade it in. Anyone else own any of them?
I've played the High School Musical ones before (yes, I'm a dork). I haven't done any singing games in a really long time, but I remember the Karaoke Revolution: American Idol games are also good (and I'm not even a fan of the show).
We don't own any Idol ones - I think that will be the next one the kids want. We do own High School Musical too and I have sang right along to the songs. I'm not good at the dance moves though.
Funny singing games... i don't own any but I fool around with my friends when I go visit them. It's so silly when I start to sing because I have literally no voice whatsoever. I'm surprised the neighbours don't call the cops on us, we must sound so awful singing those tunes.
I have an awful voice, I think my neighbors would kick me out of the building if I start singing. The answer is no, as you guessed it :D
We have The Glee one, and not only do I love it, but the daughter loves it as well. She is obsessed with Glee.
I would secretly love the Glee version, but I'd be the only one that ever played it, so I'll just listen to my Glee songs on Spotify and sing along in the car...
Then you should get the Glee one just for you. You can treat yourself on your birthday or something. You know that no one will mess with it. ;)