Siphon Filter


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Jul 8, 2012
Did anyone ever play any of the Siphon Filter games for PSX and PS2? I came across a great deal on Siphon Filter 2 the other day, so I went ahead and bought it, because it sounds similar to Resident Evil in that you're chasing the bad guys around, trying to get the Siphon Filter virus away from them before they unleash it on the world. I've never played the original Siphon Filter so I hope I'm not lost when I start playing this one, as it is supposed to pick up where the first one left off!
I don't remember Siphon Filter, but I rented and played so many PSX games when I was younger that I may have played it and just can't remember it. As for playing the second one before you've played the first one, I wouldn't worry about it. Even when sequel games "pick up" where a previous game left off, they still have plenty of cut scenes to clue you in to what's going on.
You won't get lost when you play Siphon Filter 2. The developers were able to tell the story in the manner that newbies would be able to grasp. It is highly recommended though that you pick up the first game too because it's a real classic.