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Jun 24, 2012
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So you want to know if a game is any good before you buy it? Below you can find the reviews for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Reviews tell you what the pros and cons are of a game, how the game plays, if the story line is any good, the ESRB Rating, number of players, genre, multiplayer options…You get the idea. We put everything all in one place for you so you’ll be able to figure out if the game is right for you. If you have any questions that the reviews didn’t answer, start a new thread on the forum. Played the game already? Rate it above and tell us why you did or didn’t like it. Better yet, write your own user review!

9.5 out of 10 - IGN
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Featuring the same kind of thrilling freedom of choice The Elder Scrolls series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced.
10 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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Perhaps the heavens should celebrate: Skyrim deserves every last note of jubilant fanfare. This is the kind of game you miss meals for, and have restless dreams about.
10 out of 10 - Wired
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If choices were dollars, your average videogame would be occupying Wall Street right now, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be the 1%.
9.75 out of 10 - Game Informer
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Skyrim ruled my life for two straight weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a fixture in my gaming rotation for the remainder of the year. It's one of the biggest, most content rich games I've had the pleasure of playing.
9 out of 10 - Gamespot
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the big, bold, and beautiful sequel you hoped for and is sure to bewitch you for countless hours.
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I love this game! I'm always impressed by the world created in game. It's so huge and beautiful!
I love this game! I'm always impressed by the world created in game. It's so huge and beautiful!

Agreed. I put about 60 hours of this game and loved roaming and getting lost in every little nook of the game. Makes it interesting for such a big world.
I non-hesitantly give it a 5. Skyrim is a great example of a development team doing all they can to improve an established formula. If anyone is on the fence about checking out Skyrim, do it! Skyrim features loads of content, and quality content at that. A frequent problem with open-world games is that they are huge, but there isn't a great incentive to explore all of it. This is not the case in Skyrim; the entire world is beautiful and full of mystique. The gameplay isn't very complex, but does have a fair amount of depth, and suits the game really well, and Elder Scrolls fans will feel right at home. I've been playing games for quite some time, and I'd place Skyrim in my top 5 (across all hardware generations) and that is not a statement I'd make lightly.
^Agreed. The game is utterly fantastic. It's completely immersive in nearly all realms. While the graphics may leave a bit to be desired, the gameplay is addicting, and the sheer amount of content and replayability make this game a must-own.