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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Sleeping Dogs. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Sleeping Dogs Achievement List

Chief Inspector (75)
Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

To become Chief Inspector Lee from the Rush Hour movies, you must satisfy each category fully. This includes completing the following:

----All story missions (represented by a green shield on the map).
----All police cases (represented by a denim blue shield on the map).
----All favours (represented by a yellow symbol encased with a black figurine).
----All events (click on "all events" to be taken to a post that includes a map, which reveals the location of said events).
----All jobs (martial arts, hijacking a security van, vehicle missions, and Roland's missions).
----All races (are accessible by obtaining each class of every car and bike. You must also date some girl by the name of Sandra to unlock 2 additional races).

It's imperative that you examine your map periodically. Some events are strictly available during the day, while others are only available at night. As for favors, those unlock as you progress through the storyline and date all women. Get out there, you asian gigolo you, because daddy needs that achievement! The Chief Inspector is apparently glitched. After carrying out all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs, and races successfully, you must replay a martial arts club job once. Then, you'll finally get the achievement. Piece of cake...............right?

Detective (35)

Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

Refer to Chief Inspector to see how that achievement's affiliated with this one. Interesting how there's an achievement titled "Detective," since you're one by default. Anyway, the achievement will unlock naturally as you're going for the Chief Inspector achievement.

Officer (15)

Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

Refer to Chief Inspector to see how that achievement's affiliated with this one. You've already surpassed the rank of Officer a long time ago. This is an outrage!Anyway, the achievement will unlock naturally as you're going for the Chief Inspector achievement. Just keep your eye fixated on the big one.

Rookie (10)

Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

Refer to Chief Inspector to see how that achievement's affiliated with this one. Hah, rookie? You're Detective Wei friggin' Shen! Your character's middle name is actually Yun. Anyway, the achievement will unlock naturally as you're going for the Chief Inspector achievement. Just keep your eye fixated on the big one.

Pure Gold (60)

Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards

Gold Stat Awards can be viewed as badges. Depending on your activity in the game, whether it's online or offline, you'll begin making progress for the respective stat award. To view your progress, simply pause the game and go to "Social Hub." Then........bah, the video below will fill you in on everything.

Now this is pure gold!

Golden Touch (30)

Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards
Want to know what it's like to be King Midas? You'll earn the Golden Touch achievement eventually as you're going for Pure Gold. Refer to that achievement for more GOLDen information.

Gold Rush (10)

Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards

You'll have this achievement relatively soon, for you only need a total of 5 gold stat awards. Once you obtain the Gold Rush achievement, fly over to California and tell Tom Hanks all about it! Refer to the Pure Gold achievement for more GOLDen information.

Strike Gold (5)

Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award

Strike gold indeed! You should have this achievement unlocked in no time. Refer to the Pure Gold achievement for more information that pertains to this one.

Solid Silver (35)

Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards

Relative of Pure Gold, except silver stat awards are involved instead of goooooooooooold (Goldmember voice). Refer to the Pure Gold achievement to get an idea on how to earn silver stat awards.

Substantial Silver (15)

Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards

Who wants Substantial Silver, honestly (Dr. Evil voice)? I know, someone who wants those achievement points! This achievement works the same as Golden Touch. The only difference, here, is you must earn 15 silver stat awards. Refer to the Pure Gold achievement to get an idea on how to earn silver stat awards.

Slight Silver (5)

Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards

Enough of making references to Austin Power movies. It's time to get back down to business involving.............silver. You may get Slight Silver as you play normally in the game. Just keep in mind what you must do to earn a silver stat award. Refer to the Pure Gold achievement for more information.

Auto Enthusiast (10)

Purchase all vehicles

You can determine which vehicles qualify for this achievement by referring to the link below. You'll also notice that the gamer featured in the video is also a Fashion Victim, hint hint. One thing to be aware of is each vehicle requires a certain "face level." Wait until you reach face level 10. Doing so will grant you a discount of 40% off of all cars. Keep in mind that you must also purchase vehicles of all classes. Furthermore, all vehicles will cost you a total of around $7 million. Reserve your earnings for wheels, and then worry about clothes. Sounds like a real-life situation, right? Unless, of course, you're a nudist.

Visual aid begins at 6:04 and ends at 6:46. Get them wheels!

Spiritual Healing (15)

Pray at all of the Health Shrines

Click on the link below to be led to a video revealing the locations of the health shrines and helping you unlock the Spiritual Healing achievement. If you don't want it to be that easy, then observe your map after dating some girl named "Amanda." Oh wait.........

Fashion Victim (15)

Purchase all clothing

After depleting your bankroll on vehicles, just for the sake of being a Auto Enthusiast, you now have the Fashion Victim achievement to worry about. Actually, you don't. Before we proceed any further, be certain that you're face level 10 and have $2.5 to $3 in the bank (as Donald J. Trump or Snoop Dogg would say). Secondly, create a saved game file separate from the others. The purpose of this is to prevent your hard-earned money from being diminished when going for the Auto Enthusiast achievement. Next, watch the video that's provided under the Auto Enthusiast achievement. This video will display all articles of clothing that are accredited towards the Fashion Victim achievement. Visual aid commences at 0:19 and ends at 5:56. No shopping companion required!

Hong Kong Super Hacker (15)

Hack every Security Camera in the game

At some point in the game, while you're out n' about going Hong Kong phooey on everyone, you'll randomly receive a call from Raymond. He's going to task you in meeting a cleverly named girl, Not Ping, who will also task you in planting a bug in Winston's mother's restaurant. Fulfill said task, and she will be available for a date. Take her out on that date, impress her by hacking a security camera, and the locations of all security cameras will be revealed to you on the map. For an idea of where the possibly hidden ones are, refer to the link below.

Hacking made easy!

Karaoke Superstar (10)

Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK

The best thing about this achievement is not having to hear Simon Cowell's bitter criticism. Regardless of the locations of each bar, they all contain the same songs and pick up from where you last made progress toward being a Karaoke Superstar. This is disregarding the bar you last visited. To unlock all songs:

----Follow through the main storyline.
----Contact, yet, another girl named Tiffany.
----Contact a girl named Ilyana. Doing so will lead you towards to having to defeat her in a freerunning competition. Be triumphant, and you'll unlock a favor titled "Real Men Don't Karaoke," which will unlock 2 additional songs.

Now, the part where you actually start making your way towards getting the achievement

As demonstrated in the video above, scroll the arrow and position it wherever the vocal bars are. Leave the arrow alone until it reaches the very end of the bar. Once it does, perform the same action on the next one. It's a rinse and repeat process.

Bounty Hunter (20)

Complete all of Roland's Jobs

To even get to Roland, you must complete a mission known as "Payback." Then, you get to meet Roland. After meeting him, he will be listed as a contact in your phone. Begin making progress towards the Bounty Hunter achievement by calling Roland for the first time. He will give you a debt collections job. Excluding the one you did whilst following the storyline, you must carry out a total of 5 debt collections jobs. Just contact him after you complete a debt collections job, be a good boy/girl, and do as he asks. In the end, you'll be rewarded with the achievement.

West End Scavenger (20)

Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen

Remember that girl who's mentioned earlier in this achievement guide? I'm aware that it's difficult to keep track, you Hong Kong phooey manwhore you. Ilyana, that girl who you dated to unlock those 2 additional songs for Karaoke Superstar will challenge you to a race upon completing a mission for someone named King. Yes, just like that wrestler with the head of a lion in the Tekken series. Have her examine your front rear at the finish line and Ilyana will reward you by revealing the location of every lockbox. Observe your map to determine where they are. Some may be hidden. On that note, click on the link below to detect those suckers.

Lockbox n' Bagels on a silver plate

Central Scavenger (20)

Unlock every lockbox in Central

Refer to West End Scavenger to see how that achievement's affiliated with this one. However, there's one lockbox that may not be so easy to find.................until you take a look at the two pictures below. This one's somewhere in Victoria Park. Victoria Park's northwest of Two Chin's house.

Perspective without map opened

Location on map

North Point Scavenger (20)

Unlock every lockbox in North Point

The locations of the lockboxes in North Point should be revealed to you when looking at the map, provided that you've been following this achievement guide thoroughly and completed Ilyana's mission. Well, what are ya waiting for! Refer to West End Scavenger for more information and how that achievement's affiliated to this one.

Super Cop (15)

Unlock ten Cop Upgrades

Before even being fixated on unlocking those ten cop upgrades, you must be face level 10. Cop upgrades can be unlocked by maintaining the reputation of a good cop and not doing anything illegal or harming citizens. Once you get the Super Cop achievement, then you can steal cars or run people over to your hearts content. When "maintaining the reputation of a good cop" comes to mind, you may think of doing drug busts or other cop-related missions. Each mission has three shields that need to be filled. Perform superbly in a mission, and watch the shields fill-in. Refer to the link below for more information.

Look out, Jackie Chan, there's a new Super Cop in town!

Ultimate Fighter (15)

Unlock ten Triad Upgrades

Now that you've joined the light side of the force, it's time to embrace the dark side! You may not be at the highest gangster level upon completing the game. If you aren't, then replay triad missions until you get there. It's highly recommended that you replay missions which recorded low scores. The higher your score is, the more experience points you receive. Below are a few more tips on becoming an Ultimate Fighter. Before you proceed further, there are some pieces of clothing that provide Wei bonuses when worn. Couronne puffy red vest, J. Jiggler straight leg jeans, and Achete stand up boots black w/ brown sole each give Wei a 15% bonus to earned experience points.

----When involved in hand-to-hand combat, break your opponent's legs and move in for another attack.
----When wielding a gun in a gunfight (some foolishly bring a knife), go for headshots. Better yet, put everything that you've learned visually by viewing Steven Seagal movies and disarm your enemies.
----During a car chase, kill off all enemies and blow up the vehicle that contained the now deceased.

Consequentially, following these tips will net you a considerable amount of experience points. You'll be living a hard knock life to the max in no time! Click on the link below to see a video with slightly soothing commentary and more information on unlocking the Ultimate Fighter achievement.

See what it's like in a UFC fighter's shoes, plus more...........wayyyyyy more

Wei of the Road (15)

Complete all Street Races

Remember that first, you must gain access to all races. This is done by purchasing all cars and bikes of each class and going through the storyline. For the actual races, here are some general tips:

----Try to drift when turning, as opposed to braking and turning.
----Try your hardest in not crashing into anything.
----Don't be discouraged throughout the race. There's always the possibility of being victorious.

Event Planner (15)

Complete all of the open world Events

As previously mentioned under the Chief Inspector achievement, some events are only available during the day, while others are only available at night. There's also an image enclosed in the details of said achievement, which reveals the locations of all open-world events. For comprehensive visual aid, refer to the link below.

Get involved!

If the event doesn't commence, then try to position yourself closer to the marker shown in the video or image. If it still doesn't begin, then try waiting until it's day or night.

Event Driven (20)

Complete half of the open world events

This achievement will come to you naturally as you're going for Event Planner. Refer to that achievement for more details.

Mr. Nice Guy (30)

Complete all Favors

All favors meaning a total of 36. You'll be a Mr. Nice Guy as you're assumably focused on obtaining the Chief Inspector achievement. Refer to this achievement for more information.

Case Closed (30)

Complete all cases

There are a total of 4 cases for you to complete throughout the entire game. As stated under the Chief Inspector achievement, cases are represented by a denim blue shield. They aren't to be confused with drug busts, which are represented by a sky blue shield. Each case contains a line of tasks you must fulfill before "closing" the case. Think of it as having to go through a string of quests, just to complete the main one in Skyrim. Cases pop-up on your map as you move along in the storyline. Therefore, it's imperative that you check your map periodically.

Sharpshooter (25)

Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase

Sounds challenging, doesn't it? Not with this humorous video, accompanied by commentators with the case of potty mouth. Click on the link below to see the video on how to unlock the Sharpshooter achievement.

Potty mouths, but ones with vital information.

Kleptomaniac (15)

Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo

Within a few hours of game time, you'll receive a call to hijack a van and bring it to a garage. All that you need to know is someone failed to pay up protection money. You're just an errand boy. Grab hold of a motorbike and located a truck with an orange shield symbol hovering above it. Approach it close enough, and you'll be prompted to press and hold the A button to jump towards the truck. You'll be required to follow a few more button prompts. Once that's a done deal, you may be chased by cops. Lose them and drive the truck along the orange path shown on your mini map (located on the bottom left corner). Below, you'll find a video that shows what everything will look like.

Go get em' Spiderman!

Infowlable (15)

Win 50,000 on a single cockfight

Note: Be sure to create a separate save file prior to proceeding further. This is to prevent any actual loss in money. If Sun Tzu or Leung Kwan aren't available as fighters, then pick any one. If you lose the bet, then load up the newly saved game file. You'll be required to travel to the cockfight scene again.

The easiest way to get this one is to take a taxi to the destination marked on the map, as shown in the video at the end of this description, and bet a minimum of $50,000 on Sun Tzu (needs no introduction) or Leung Kwan. If you were to pack heat like Ron Jeremy, then all of this would be much easier now wouldn't it.

Sun Tzu FTW! Or Leung Kwan.......

Tourist (10)

Win a bet on a cockfight

Note: If it was your first time winning a bet on a cockfight match when you unlocked the Infowlable achievement, then you'll automatically unlock the Tourist achievement.

Same details on the Infowlable achievement apply towards the Tourist one. Create a separate save file prior to going to the cockfight arena and placing a bet. Victory is based on sheer luck. Make your way to the marker on the featured player's map in the video provided. This is home of the cheap cockfights. Only a minimum bet of $500 is required to partake in the action. Pick any fighter, pray to Jebus, and wait for the outcome. If you lose, then simply load up the newly saved game file. You may have to travel to the cockfight arena again.

$500? Why not.

Whatever's Handy (15)

Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies

You should have this achievement unlocked as you're going for Chief Inspector(some missions and drug busts especially grant you melee weapons, specifically knives, wrenches, and crowbars). A woman's purse/handbag is also considered to be a weapon. Bring back the 50's and show those pesky modern-aged thugs how women kicked arse before they were born! If you don't unlock the achievement when in the middle or at the end of the game, then replay as many missions as necessary. The video below will show you how and where to get a hold of even more of an arsenal of weaponry!

Go ape $#@!

Gun Nut (15)

Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies

Similar to Whatever's Handy, except those hands of yours will be gripping weapons that spit lead. Gun Nut can actually coincide with Whatever's Handy, in a sense where a group of thugs or cops may consist of some using melee weapons while others are using guns. Hence that you can make progress on unlocking both achievements simultaneously! Although there are more than 10 firearms scattered throughout the game, you're only required to use 10 for the achievement. Click the link underneath for a visually comprehensive guide on where to get various different firearms.

Here ya go, you gun nut.

Safe Driver (20)

Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car

The link at the end of this achievement description will ride you through it. Hmmm, that sounded naughty...............Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is it isn't mandatory for you to hold the accelerate button. This won't void your progress towards Safe Driver. When turning, remove your finger from the accelerate button for maybe 0.5 seconds or less. The key is to constantly accelerate while not losing much speed, nor gaining top speed. Additionally, it's ironic how you're allowed to slip up once (slightly scrape one side of another vehicle) while making your way towards the achievement. Then again, 2 minutes sure does feel like 5.

May the schwartz be with you!

Gadgetman (20)

Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera

This one's difficult to miss. Somewhere along the lines of carrying out police missions, you'll come across one called "Hotshot." This mission, in particular, will require you to do the following in this order:

----pick a lock
----plant a bug
----trace a phone
----crack a safe
----control a spy camera

The achievement will unlock after performing the last part of the mission. Badabing badaboom! I mean, go go
Environmentalist (15)
Perform 5 unique environmental kills.

Another achievement that's fairly easy to obtain. In fact, you should have this unlocked sometime early in the game. Pick a fight with a gang of thugs. During the fight, grab an enemy that's blocking or counter an enemy attack (if you prefer to go Hong Kong phooey in style and look cool). Said enemy will have a red flashing aura outlining their figure. While you have them grappled, move them to a nearby destructible object (vending machine, fan, big cardboard box, etc) and press the button that the game prompts you to. You'll find a visual demonstration below.

Someone's gonna have to pay for that!

Foodie (10)
Try 10 different foods or drinks.

WARNING! May cause anorexics to rush to the fridge. To unlock the Foodie achievement, consume a variety of 10 different foods or beverages. If I were you, then I'd just click on the link below and watch a visually detailed video of where to obtain such delicacies. Also, you may want to have a writing tool and paper by your side to create a checklist of the items you've already consumed.

Hungry? Why wait? Grab some asian cuisine!

Man Around Town (20)
Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.

This achievement should unlock naturally as you progress through the storyline and do cop missions, drug busts, etc. If you somehow don't get the achievement, then refer to the image below to get an idea of where the boundaries of all four cities lie.

Copernicus not required!

Take A Bite Out Of Crime (10)
Complete a Case.

Difficult to miss. While you're being a foodie over there, you'll also Take A Bite Out Of Crime sometime during the story. Complete the first case that's assigned to you, and achievementus is unlockedus! Pretty cool how you can add "us" at the end of almost every word and it would sound socially acceptable, at least to those who are history buffs.

A Slap in the Face (10)
Kill someone with a fish.

Just when you thought that smacking someone in the face with a fish wouldn't cut it. Click on the link below and see for yourself! Before you do, commence the mission "Club Bam Bam." Eventually, you'll arrive in the VIP section of the club. Grab an enemy or counter an enemy attack and then grapple them. Next, put the helpless person through a fish tank. A fish will come out of the tank, giving you the chance to amuse yourself by picking it up and hitting an enemy in the face with the fish. You'll also unlock the A Slap in the Face achievement.

Hilariously fishy

Stuntman (5)
Successfully perform an action hijack.

Another achievement that's impossible to miss. You'll unlock Stuntman naturally as you go through the storyline.

Arguably the shortest visual on unlocking Sleeping Dogs achievements

Fashion Statement (10)
Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store.

This one will unlock fairly early in the game. After completing a couple of missions and perhaps a favor or two, head to a nearest clothing store near you (typical advertisement voice) and purchase any hat, shirt, pants, and shoes. Change into your newly acquired pieces of clothing, and you'll make a Fashion Statement.

Great Face (50)
Achieve Face Level 10.

You should either reach face level 10 or be close to it upon unlocking the Chief Inspector achievement. In addition to what's required to obtain Chief Inspector, successfully carrying out drug busts will assist in increasing your face level. Thus, helping you get the Great Face achievement as well. Remember that certain articles of clothing have properties which permanently increase the amount of experience points you earn towards face level.

Gaining Face (25)
Achieve Face Level 5.

This "face" achievement is easier to obtain, since it requires you to reach face level 5. Have your eyes fixated on Great Face and the Gaining Face achievement will unlock as you don't expect it! For a refresher course, refer to Chief Inspector to read up on what in-game activities are accredited.

Minor Face (5)
Achieve Face Level 2.

Should unlock naturally and fairly early in the game, compared to the other "face" achievements. Refer to Chief Inspector and successfully complete some drug busts; you'll reach face level 2 in no time.

Secret Achievements

Martial Law (15)
Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs

By "defeating all 4 martial arts clubs," it's meant that you must survive and fight 6 waves of those low-life thugs. Humiliate these punks at all four martial arts clubs (one in each city) and the achievement's yours. That's all, sarcastically speaking. Martial arts clubs are marked by a pair of boxing gloves on your map. Click on the link below and take a look at the video of the character portraying Donnie Yen's (Ip Man) son.

Nothing but bone-crushing goodness

Big Smiles All Around (50)
Complete Big Smile Lee.

Sure, this achievement may offer a considerable amount of points. However, Big Smiles All Around is a mission that's story-related. Therefore, it's impossible to miss. Just complete the mission "Big Smiles Lee" and the achievement will unlock as soon as the credits begin rolling. You can choose to skip the credits. The achievement will still unlock. Look who's smiling now!

A Big Betrayal (35)
Complete Dockyard Heist.

Another story-related achievement. Upon completing "Dockyard Heist," A Big Betrayal will unlock.

A big big big big big biiiiiiiiiiiig betrayal

That'll Show 'em (20)
Complete Payback.

Remember the time in the game where you first learned how to hijack and earned the Stuntman achievement? The story-related mission, "Payback," will follow upon completing the tutorial. Completing the mission will earn you That'll Show 'em.

In With The Gang (5)
Complete Night Market Chase.

You'll be In With The Gang after you fluidly go through the storyline. This achievement will unlock naturally. Refer to the link below for a basic overview of the mission, "Night Market Chase."

Short and brief video description of, well..........."Night Market Chase."

DLC: Nightmare in North Point Achievements

Ghosts and Stuff (20)
Complete all secondary content.

Cursed Gold (15)
Achieve 5 Gold Awards.

Hell Money (25)
Find all the money shrines.

DLC: Nightmare in North Point Secret Achievements

Secret Achievement (15)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Says alot, doesn't it...............As of now, there's currently no information on how to obtain this "secret achievement." The only thing to do for now is play through the DLC.

Secret Achievement (50)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Refer to Secret Achievement. Oh wait...............
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