Someone Please Help Me With My Gamer Score!


New Member
Oct 8, 2012
So I downloaded this Xbox gamer score program. At the time I didn't know what it did, I thought it would add actual games to my account and not achievements. But anyways, I used it and my profile has alot of 0 achievement games. I did not realize that: A. you were not supposed to do this & B. That it would give me a bunch of 0 achievement games. Can someone please help me?!?! I created an account and everything just to post this one thing.
*None of the games I want to remove have achievements... Its just that there are so many (600) that I wanna remove them all at once*
Why on Earth would you fall for such a trick? You probably got a virus from downloading this program. Run a virus scan with your antivirus.
I would stop using the.program, make sure your computer is good to go with a virus scan like pilot2fly suggested, and manual try to undo the damage.
File this under "Live and Learn" I would do as others suggest, clean that PC. After that honestly I believe that any game that have not scored any achievements on you can remove from your profile. I am not sure what you mean by zero achievement games but if it is that bad I suggest you just start over with a new gamertag.
This seems like one of those things to get your account information bud... the only way to do this is to follow tutorials on how to mod your gamerscore.