Xbox 360 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Achievements


Oct 25, 2012
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is not that hard to play but some achievements will definitely make you feel surprised and disturbed. On the complexity scale I would rate this game as with 7 points of 10. All in all there are 50 achievements, 47 of which can be unlocked offline and 3 of them will require stable connection to the internet. Depending on your racing skills and Sonic fan meter, you will spend about 25-40 hours to finish this game. Luckily, it has no glitchy achievements and things will go just the way they are supposed to.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Achievement List:
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Racing Transformed (15)
Turned All-Star

Before you unlock this achievement, you are supposed to know what All-Star is. All-Star is a random item that you will earn from one of the question mark boxes you come across during any idea. This will come to you naturally but not from the first attempt, I believe. If you hear the announcer saying "All-Star", that means that you have earned the item. In order to use it, press the “A” button and then press the “A” button again. Now, the All-Star has to be yours. Progress through the game and when you get the item – use it in the race. Only that will unlock the achievement.

Parts Shop (15)
Won an event with a Mod equipped

To make your car drive better, you might want to use Mods. Mods can alter the way a car drives. Also, you can unlock them by playing with one character through multiple races. After every race not only will you see your progress through the race but also you will be notified with your progress towards the Next Mod. To unlock this achievement fast, use the Metal Sonic Code and start the race with at least one mode applied to your car. Well, this should come to you naturally anyway.

Sonic Drift (10)
Did a 10 second Drift as Sonic

Drifting itself is not hard in this game but drifting for 10 seconds it quite a challenge. Mostly because of the lack of special places where you can drift freely for 10 long seconds. Probably, one of those places that you should pay attention to is Vyse's stage on lap 3. After the explosions you will get a plenty of place to show your drifting skills. Also, death Hangar is not that bad itself. But, if you have something better for this stage of the game, please, be free to use it and make sure that you drift no less than 10 seconds.

Tornado (10)
Did a Level 3 Air-Drift

Air drifts are a lot like ground drifts except for the fact that they are in the air. You can make an attempt to do that while playing the Air Pirates Stage. Hold the Left Trigger and make sure the plane is drifting and turning as slow as possible. Do not forget to hold right Trigger lightly. This will help you to keep the drift scoring. This can also be done on Panzer Dragoons Stage.

Magic Second (15)
Finished 0.5 seconds ahead of an opponent in a Race

If you do not get it from the very beginning – don’t worry, because things like that usually come pretty naturally while you progress through the game. Rather sooner than later you are going to meet a competitor good enough to beat you in the race. But, needless to say, you will have to win and your win must look as a total failure. Try to keep your opponent as close to you as possible but make sure that he has no chances to beat you in the race but when you both reach the finish line, speed up, boost and win the race. If things still don’t work out, use your second controller to organize a race and win with 0.5 seconds ahead.

Spin Dash (10)
Did a Boost-Start in each vehicle mode

As you understand, a Boost-Start is supposed to be done before the race starts. In order to complete this successfully you will have to hit the R trigger just before the voice says the number. If you think that you won’t be able to cope with the task, there will be a little helper in a form of fading screen. Hit the “RT” button at the precise fading moments and everything should be fine. Though, if you still can’t get it done, practice until you get the feeling of triggering. Here’s the list of stages you might want to make your test fields for the Boost-Start:
Car: any stage. Boat: Cup four stage 2: Adder's lair. Plane: Cup 3 stage 1: Dream valley.

Scud Racer (15)
Finished 1st in a Race without getting hit by weapons

This will probably come to you naturally. On the first levels this is rather a natural outcome than a competition. Finish any race being 1st without getting hit by weapons. Just drive as fast as you can and if someone shoots at you or sets a trap – maneuver.

Blast Processing (15)
Hit 2 opponents with a single Hot Rod Blast

All you have to do is to wait until two opponents of yours are close together. The best place to get things done is to use a Hot Rod Blast in small spaces like Panzer Dragoons stage (right before you hit the checkpoint, you will enter a small cave). It’s all about perfect timing – nothing more. But still – if you happen to have troubles getting this achievement unlocked, grab two more pads, set the cars close to each other and blast them with Hot Rod Blast. But I hope that this will come to you naturally.

Fighting Viper (10)
Evaded or Blocked a homing-weapon 3 times in a Race

There is a nice way to get things done and you should try to unlock this achievement on the Panzer Dragoon or the Ocean View Stage. You will find a Super Glove item in the Item Box. The good news is that Super Glove does not run out and it will help you to go through multiple vehicles without any problems which also will get you the “Fighting Viper” achievement.

Catcher Pitcher (15)
Absorbed a weapon with the Glove and fired it back at your attacker

It might be tricky to pull off at the first time but you will definitely come to the point of success – I promise. Your task is rather simple: you need to wait until someone shoots at you with something and with the help of Glove catch the missile (or whatever it is) and throw it back at your attacker. If you have problems with unlocking this one, here is a two pad method that, probably, is not the fairest but definitely happens to be helpful.
It should take you no more than a couple of minutes but firstly – you will need two controllers. By the way – do not forget to press start on the Second Controller in the Main Menu as well. From the very same Main Menu select “Custom Game”, then choose “Local.”
1. Choose “Battle Arena” (because it has no AI racers);
2. Choose characters with both controllers and start the game. I, personally, played on “Neon Docks”.
3. If you want to become a “Catcher - Pitcher” as Player 1 – drive and keep collecting Item Boxes until your get the Glove. NOTE: Make sure your account is signed in on the first controller, the one that will be using the glove.
4. Once you’ve got the Glove – do not activate it.
5. Take the Second Controller and collect the RC Car. It’s easier to use because it locks onto your opponent.
6. Get Behind the Player 1 with Player 2 RC Car.
7. Activate the Glove with Player 1.
8. Pick Player 2 and fire at Player 1.
9. If you did everything right, Player 1 was supposed to catch the RC Car.
10. Now, get back to the Player 1 and get behind the Player 2.
11. Fire back at the Player 2 and if you hit him with the missile – you will get your achievement and 15G points.

Eyes On The Road (10)
Hit an opponent with a weapon while looking backwards

You will probably get this naturally anyway but here’s what you need to do to make the “anyway” come faster. Grab a snowball or a rocket and hold down the “X” button. Look back and fire at a C Class Bot (it happens to be an easy target but anyone else is OK too). The best mode to complete the achievement is a World Tour or Battle Mode.

Cosmic Smash (10)
Detonated the Hot Rod at the very last second

It may sound harder than it actually is but trust me – you will get this in no time. First of all – obtain the Hot Road item during the race and use it. You will definitely notice it shaking and smoking and the boost getting faster. When it starts looking like it is going to explode and cause a total disaster – press the “A” button and you will unlock the achievement. But, if you do not do that at the right time – the Hot Rod will explode and damage your character.

Nomad (20)
Visited every location in the game

You will likely get this naturally but if you are afraid of missing something – just make sure that you leave all 10 Grand Prix Cups behind your back (preferably – with the first places on all of them).
1. Dragon Cup
2. Rogue Cup
3. Emerald Cup
4. Arcade Cup
5. Classic Cup
6. Dragon Cup Mirror Mode
7. Rogue Cup Mirror Mode
8. Emerald Cup Mirror Mode
9. Arcade Cup Mirror Mode
10. Classic Cup Mirror Mode
When you’re done completing the last race – you should get a pop up message notifying you about the successful outcome and 20G achievement point reward.

Rank B (10)
Earned your B Class License

This can be unlocked after you reach 10% Game Completion. Just progress through the game and this achievement will come to you naturally. Go to the “Main Menu” and press the “Y” button to find out about your progress. Here’s what has to be done to complete 10% of the game.
- World Tour Stars
- Characters Unlocked
- GP Wins
- Staff Ghosts Beaten
- Stickers Collected
- Mods Earned
This achievement showed up unlocked when I earned 30 stars and Leveled Up. Also, I had a few characters at my disposal.

Rank A (20)
Earned your A Class License

This can be unlocked after you reach 25% Game Completion. Just progress through the game and this achievement will come to you naturally. Go to the “Main Menu” and press the “Y” button to find out about your progress. Here’s what has to be done to complete 25% of the game.
- World Tour Stars
- Characters Unlocked
- GP Wins
- Staff Ghosts Beaten
- Stickers Collected
- Mods Earned
By the way, at this progress point I’ve got the achievement mentioned.
71 World Tour Stars;
14/24 Chars Unlocked;
0/10 GP Wins;
6/168 Hosts Beaten;
53/120 Stickers collected;
18/144 Mods Earned.

Rank S (30)
Earned your S Class License

This can be unlocked after you reach 45% Game Completion. Just progress through the game and this achievement will come to you naturally. Go to the “Main Menu” and press the “Y” button to find out about your progress. Here’s what has to be done to complete 45% of the game.
- World Tour Stars
- Characters Unlocked
- GP Wins
- Staff Ghosts Beaten
- Stickers Collected
- Mods Earned
By the way, at this progress point I’ve got the achievement mentioned.
108 World Tour Stars;
19/24 Chars Unlocked;
1/10 GP Wins;
67/168 Ghosts Beaten;
74/120 Stickers collected;
34/144 Mods Earned;
8 Hours Player.

SEGA All Star (50)
Earned your Star License

This can be unlocked after you reach 70% Game Completion. Just progress through the game and this achievement will come to you naturally. Go to the “Main Menu” and press the “Y” button to find out about your progress. Here’s what has to be done to complete 70% of the game.
- World Tour Stars
- Characters Unlocked
- GP Wins
- Staff Ghosts Beaten
- Stickers Collected
- Mods Earned
By the way, at this progress point I’ve got the achievement mentioned.
108 World Tour Stars
20/24 Chars Unlocked
8/10 GP Wins
67/168 Ghosts Beaten
79/120 Stickers collected
39/144 Mods Earned
10:33 Time Played

SEGA Super Star (100)
Earned your Triple-Star License

This achievement can be unlocked after you reach 100% Game Completion. Just progress through the game and this achievement will come to you naturally. Go to the “Main Menu” and press the “Y” button to find out about your progress. Of course, getting a Triple-Star License will require some serious effort, so make sure that you do your best and in this case there is nothing to worry about. Also, the strangest thing is that you are not supposed to unlock all characters and mods to finish the game on 100% (which sounds kind of strange, of course). For example, I got 100% with 110/120 stickers, 69/144 mods with 5 characters (including DLC one) maxed out. But still – try to unlock/finish/complete everything you can. And, if this achievement doesn’t pop out even when in the Main Menu you will have a 100% status, just drive an extra World Tour Race and you will get what you came for. Well, it worked for me.

Hardcore (20)
Completed a World Tour event on Expert difficult

If you plan to gain access to the Expert difficulty, you will have to unlock Superstar Showdown Tour first. This will unlock Expert difficulty for all other available tours and will allow you to earn 4 stars on all levels instead of 3. More stars – better scores – faster progress. Now, choose any World Tour event you feel like playing on Expert difficulty and you will get your achievement in no time.

Newtron (10)
Played 10 Matchmaking games as a Random character

This has to be obtained online. Go into a Matchmaking Game and join any match (race, arena or lucky dip). Now, when you are supposed to select your character, skip everything and pick the question mark “?” This will pick a random racer for you. You might not like him or just on the contrary – it might be your favorite hero but the point is that you have to play 10 Matchmaking games as a random character. Yes. The key word in here is “Play”: you are not supposed to win 10 races – just play them from the very beginning to the very end.

SUMO Wrestled (10)
Beat your first Staff Ghost in Time Attack

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to defeat your first Staff Ghost in the Time Attack mode. Don’t worry – it’s actually easier than it sounds. Now, here’s what you have to do to get things done:
1. Enter the Time Attack mode;
2. Look up Ocean View;
3. To the right of the Ocean View you will find time scores made by Staff Ghost;
4. Obviously, the easiest one to defeat is the time left by the Easy Ghost (I had 44 seconds). Your task is to drive the very same passage with the result less than 44 seconds. Even if it’s 43.99 – it still counts.
5. Start the race and just do your job – drive. Considering that this is the Easy Ghost – you won’t have to put too much effort in order to beat his time. I managed to finish the race in 35 seconds.

Yokozuna (50)
Beat all the Staff Ghosts in Time Attack

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to defeat ALL Staff Ghosts in the Time Attack mode. Obviously, it won’t be easy – especially when racing with the Expert Ghosts. I would definitely recommend picking Sonic as your character. He feels himself comfortable on almost any of these stages (I am pretty sure that the game is called Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for a reason). Here are some tips to make things flow faster and easier.
1. Do not use your boost on the first lap and save it for the last one in order to use it just before the finish line. This will help you to go on the maximum speed as you start your “Fastest Lap”;
2. Get a level one boost off the first two corners;
3. If you get a level one boost of the 3rd corner, it will lead you through the portal which is something you want to do;
4. After the portal you might wanna use boost Power-up. But, do not drift on the corner that goes right after the portal – it will cost you a lot;
5. The next corner is a long one. Your task is to stay as close to the inside as possible. This strategy (if done right) will get you a Level 3 Boost;
6. As for the next corner that goes after the long one and through the portal – DO NOT DRIFT AT ALL!
7. Now, get creative and on the chicane through the portal build up to a Level 2 Boost, but do not use it immediately. Wait for the second corner slowly turning into the third on and rush into it with the boost pad.
8. And on the Final chicane get a Level 1 Boost and use it right.
Also, here are some general tips that should be useful as well.
- Once you get to the Wrestling Ring type of the track, try to concentrate on drifting as much as possible. While you can use your own strategy (and, probably, you will) – here’s one that worked great for me. With the very first suitable possibility – start drifting to get around the 1st bend. Further on – the strategy gets simple but will depend on perfect timing: as soon as you see the right turn – start drifting right, then, as soon as you see the left turn – start drifting left. Usually, you will get a Level 2 boost from this tricky riding. Though, you might get a Level 3 boost as well but there’s a little issue that I noticed: extra drifting seems to slow you down and even with the Level 3 boost you go as fast as using Level 2 boost. But – it’s up to you.
- After that area you'll see 2 boost pads. I used the boost a bit before the pads, so I still have about 1/2 the boost left before hitting the pad, for a bigger boost.
- Unlike the usual strategy, you might want to charge a Level 2 Boost before crossing the start line to get a good start. Now watch your opponent drifting and do a Level 1 Drift.
If you are reading these words, it means that you actually care about getting things done right and for your dedication I am willing to share a little secret that will help you to unlock this achievement more than just easy, plus – you won’t actually have to beat every Expert Staff Ghost. You want to know why? Well, there’s a little glitch that still hasn’t been improved. I am not sure how long will it last but you should try it anyway if you are not into long and healthy competition.
1. Go to Time Attack mode;
2. Select the bottom-right cup (as far as this is a Mirror Cup – it needs to be unlocked);
3. Select Sunshine Tour;
4. Select Sonic with the Standard Mod as your character;
5. Beat the Expert Ghost on this track. If you want to get a good time – stay as close as possible to the inside of the corners while drifting.
6. If you did everything right and beat the Expert Ghost – you should get the pop up message notifying you that “Yokozuna” achievement is yours. If it won’t work – go the old-fashioned way.

De Rol Le Credits (20)
Unlocked Superstar Showdown in World Tour

This will come to you naturally as you progress though the game. Just keep playing the World Tour unlocking as many stars as possible. Proceed until you reach the “Arcade Annihilation” in the Moonlight Park Tour. Now beat the level on any possible difficulty and you will get this achievement.

Takes AGES (30)
Unlocked every Character in the game

As you understand, this will definitely take a while but if you do everything right – this will come to you naturally. You need to remember that a greater part of characters can be unlocked only with stars that you earn throughout the World Tour. In other worlds – it is in your interest to do your best and earn as much stars as possible. This will help you to unlock the achievement a bit faster and will also become helpful in your run for other achievements.
In the World Tour you will be given stars for your effort and difficulty you play on. Well, mostly for the difficulty: the higher it is – the better the score.
Easy difficulty will give you 1 Star for the successful outcome.
Medium difficulty will give you 2 Stars for the successful outcome.
Hard difficulty will give you 3 Stars for the successful outcome.
Expert difficulty will give you 4 Stars for the successful outcome.
Playing the game on Easy won’t bring you the desired outcome nor will the Normal difficulty. It is highly recommended to play on Expert but if you find some levels really hard to finish on Expert – get back and replay them on Hard. Luckily, you will still be able to get the required number of stars and unlock all characters. All in all there are 58 challenges you need to complete.
Here's a list of all the characters you need to have unlocked:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, AiAi, Beat
Amy, B.D. Joe, MeeMee, Ulala, Ralph
Amigo, Danica Patrick, Shadow, Vyse, Dr. Eggman
NiGHTS, Gum, Joe Musashi, Pudding, Gilius
Avatar, Reala, AGES
The last but not the least character in the World Tour is called AGES and he will cost you 165 stars.
By the way – there is a rumor that this achievement might get glitchy and there is a little possibility that you will have to unlock ALEX KIDD too. But, as a matter of fact – you do not have to do that. If you do not get the pop up message about the successful outcome after you purchase AGES – complete one more event in the World Tour and you will get the achievement. If it’s still not yours – play a few more events in the very same World Tour (3 events tops). And if this won’t help either, well – you will have to concentrate on unlocking ALEX KIDD. To get this fellow in your team you are supposed to do the next:
1. Disconnect from Xbox Live;
2. Change the date on your Xbox to 25th December 2012;
3. Boot up Sonic.
Now check the Character Select Screen and ALEX KIDD will be there.

Racing Hero (30)
Got a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament

This is really an easy one and all you have to do is to make sure you finish every Grand Prix tournament on the First, Second or Third places (aka Podium Places). The good news – it can be unlocked on any difficulty. This achievement also includes the mirror cups that are added once all the regular cups have been beaten.

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone (15)
Finished 1st in a Grand Prix tournament

Actually – it’s even easier than it seems to be. Your task is to become first in a Grand Prix tournament. This can be unlocked on any cup and on any difficulty. If you’re having troubles getting this one – you should play a different game (just kidding). Simply do your job and come first to the finish.

Holosseum (20)
Unlocked Mirror Grand Prix mode

In order to unlock the Mirror Grand Prix mode you will have to Win All 5 regular Grand Prix cups. Here’s the list of Cups that have to be won:
1. Dragon Cup
2. Rogue Cup
3. Emerald Cup
4. Arcade Cup
5. Classic Cup
Finish the last race and you should get the achievement right away.

Gale Racer (30)
Got a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty

Unlocking this achievement is not that different from the “Racing Hero”. Your task is to finish every Grand Prix tournament on the First, Second or Third places (aka Podium Places) but on the Expert difficulty. If you try to complete “Gale Racer” first, you will obviously unlock both achievements in not time. I do understand that playing on the Expert difficulty is not the best thing ever but you are not supposed to come first to the finish line in every Grand Prix tournament.

Race Leader (15)
Won a Matchmaking game

Unlocking this achievement is all about practice. After fooling around with bots, you might want to try your skills in a Matchmaking game. This might get tricky at first but keep trying and sooner or later you will win the game – I promise. And remember – you are supposed to WIN and not just participate. If you find yourself having troubles doing things right – try to play a boost race or a battle arena race.

House Party Of The Dead (10)
Completed an event with 4 local friends

If you have 4 controllers, you can get this easily. Connect all of them (Player 1 has to be signed in) and choose the first drift stage on the first cup. Finish the event and get your 10G achievement points. The good news is that only one player has to complete the event which means that you can leave the other 3 idle. Also, you can do the very same thing but instead of 4 controllers ask your friends to help you out. As for the rest – do the same thing and complete the event all by yourself.

Virtua Trickster (15)
Rolled Left, Rolled Right, Backflipped, Forward Flipped and landed as a car or boat

Unlocking this achievement won’t be hard as long as you know what buttons to press. Now, you need a nice place to get everything done (Roll Left, Roll Right, Backflip, Forward Flip and land as a car or boat). The one that worked great for me was at the Dragon Canyon level. Lap 2 – Boar section. Before the section end when you are supposed to be transformed back into a car, you will encounter a massive tidal wave. Drive up this wave and you will get pretty up high in the air. Now, do the following:
Forward Flip (Up on right stick)
Backflip (Down on right stick)
Left Roll ( Left on right stick)
Right Roll (Right on right stick)
Remember: you need to complete all the trick moves before landing, otherwise – it won’t count. Enjoy your achievement.

Link Chain (15)
Completed the Dream Valley Ring Race and passed every Ring as NiGHTS or Reala

As you can see yourself, you can unlock this achievement only if you play as NiGHTS or Reala (no other character will work for this achievement). Also, the only place to do that is the Dream Valley Ring Race in the Superstar Showdown Tour. You will get it after the credits role. In this tour the level’s name is Nightmare Meander. Now you have to unlock one of the characters offered. Pick one you like the most – it won’t matter. NiGHTS can be bought in the Scorching Skies Tour and I would recommend choosing him. Maybe, he is not as good as Reala but Reala costs 160 stars and that is a lot. Once you’ve picked your hero, start the race and fly through every ring to unlock the achievement. If you miss at least one ring – you will have to replay the race once again. But the good news – you can get it on any difficulty.

Vyse The Legend (15)
Beat 01:11.16 in Time Attack as Vyse in Rogue's Landing

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to do the following first: unlock Vyse through World Tour & Rogue's Landing through World Tour/GP. Once done, start the race and beat 01:11.16 in Time Attack. Here are some tips that will make your life easier:
-When the path splits for the first time, take the lower path;
-While in the air, try to grab as many air boosts as you can;
-When the path splits upon landing, take the route that leads you through the water and use your boost item through it;
-The Boost mod would be best if you have it unlocked for Vyse, but it isn't necessary.
If you haven’t got it from the first attempt, keep trying and this will come to you rather sooner than later.

You Got The Horn (15)
Levelled-up a character

Select world tour and complete a few challenges with any character (Beat is a great starter). For every race you will be given experience for your character based on your performance (the better performance – the higher experience). Level up your character to Level 2 and add another 15G points to your account.

All Stars (50)
Collected every Star in World Tour

If you plan to get this achievement, you will have to complete it on any first three difficulties. This will allow you to unlock the last and the hardest – Expert difficulty. Of course, you are the one to make the decision but playing on Medium is probably the best decision. Do your best and collect every star in the World Tour. It will take a while but this is the only way to get things done.
Here are some general tips to help you out in moments of weakness and troubles.

Racing: Actually, it is not as bad as it seems. Of course, AI characters will always be better than you because they do not know how to make mistakes. However, with the help of boost drifting abuse and knowledge of the map you will definitely leave them behind.
Weapon battle: they get really easy if you know what to expect and how to avoid those “expectations.” Take down your AI opponents one by one and try to avoid them shooting back at you. Also, at this moment Glove might be very useful (as long as you know how to use it). Glove gives you an amazing opportunity to catch everything that is thrown or shot at you and launch it back to your opponent.

Drift challenge: well, this is all about practice and perfect timing. The sooner you enter the turn and the closer you stay to the center, the better your chances are to gain more points and show better results. To make things go smoother, you might wanna pick a character with a perfect balance. Just check his characteristics before you start a drift race. Knuckles worked great for me because he has some great drifting skills and his speed is perfect to get things done but, as always, this one is up to you. Also, the important thing here is to know all the checkpoints because you do not want to miss them. If you do, there is a great possibility that you will have to restart the race.

Versus battle: there is a nice little trick that will help you to keep your opponents from winning the race and at the same time will lead you to the victory. Race on the track and keep collecting Item Boxes until you get either firework or snowball x3. Beat the very first opponent and save the weapon. Now the next opponent will spawn with the 3 second immunity for any damage. But this shouldn’t be an issue: wait for those seconds to run out and unleash the attack. The good thing is that they won’t be able to run away from you and you will have to try really hard to miss the target. Keep doing that during the race and this will really come in handy. They should fall into the red and be eliminated immediately within 10-20 seconds which is much better than driving for the whole 60 seconds. Also, it’s another guarantee for success.

Traffic: probably, this is the only issue that can’t be changed nor controlled by your actions. If you want to get things done, try to pick Sonic, Knuckles or Gum. They are not obligatory but are definitely preferred for driving through the traffic. One of the main reasons why they are so good at it is their cars: they are light and can drift with decent speed and this is exactly what you need to complete the race successfully. But still – even with those great cars and characters you will have to show your best and skillful driving here is a must. Your task will be to drift whenever possible and very often even drift between the cars that won’t move to free you the way. Of course, risky players will be granted with better scores but being too risky is not recommended: it’s better to stay on the safe side and do less but stable than do more but without any success. So, do not do more than needed as you can crash and all the work will be undone with one wrong move and not only will you look bad but also will lose 6 precious seconds of your time.
Now, the traffic around will be formed with different colorful cars. Probably, the most annoying ones are the blue police cars but you can easily deal with them doing this trick: slightly turn left, then immediately turn right. This maneuver will surprise the police and you can expect them to get confused for a couple of seconds. Your next enemies are blue and green cars. Make sure to watch where they moved last. This will keep you away from getting into trouble. Orange cars won’t cause you any harm but still – do not get too close. One of the most important cars in the race is the Bonus Car and it is absolutely vital for the last few waves. Check the Mini Map in the corner to see where the bonus cars are. They will give you extra seconds which is more than just important in this game.

Ring Races: they are pretty easy to finish even if you crash during the race for a couple of times but still – try to show your best and act like professional.

Battle Outrunner (15)
Did 5 overtakes in a single Drift

In order to complete this task you will have to overtake 5 opponents in a single drift. In other words it means that you are supposed to leave 5 other racers behind your back in a single drift maneuver. In general, it is pretty hard to do that on any level but there are places where this task will look like a piece of cake. For example, the Egg Hangar stage in the Classic Cup. Pick Sonic as your character – standard mod on B Class. You can also try to finish this on C class but I personally found the AI stagger more quickly on the C Class and at the same time the rear of the pack seemed to be really slow. But still – choose whatever you like or find comfortable. Now, start the race and drive until you reach a really-really long left turn (it will appear right after a really-really long straight line). Start drifting and if you enter the turn being 9th of 10th, - you will likely overtake 5 opponents in no time. If one big turn is not enough for your inspiration and to leave 5 opponents behind your back, right after left turn ends, the right one starts. Change drifting polarity and now drift the right turn. If you do everything right and quickly, it will help you to continue your drift without interrupting which also means – more open possibilities for the achievement.

Genesis (15)
Triple-Stunted while transforming into a car or boat

This is another easy achievement and depends only on a suitable location. There are locations where you can do this but the Chilly Castle Stage worked great for me. Start racing and somewhere at the half of the race you’ll drive off a water fall. The free fall will be pretty long, at least long enough to perform 3 forward/backflips before hitting the water. Just make sure you complete them during that period.

Drift More (15)
Got a Perfect Drift score on a Drift Challenge event

Not a problem at all if you know how to drift but even if you don’t – practice changes everything. Now, pick a character with a perfect balance. I found Standard Beat to be perfect for this kind of job because he is quite slow but has amazing handling. Go to World Tour mode and pick the first Drift Challenge - Downtown Drift. Now do your best to perform amazing drifting tricks and don’t be scared to go fast. Also – do not worry about time. And, if you have some guts – try to do this on the A class.

Mega Jet (15)
Did a Reckless Boost

In order to unlock this achievement you will have to play any course that allows you to fly because a Reckless Boost can be performed in a plane form only. The Reckless Boost itself is not that hard to get – you simply have to avoid objects and obstacles that are in your way in the very last second by pushing the right analog stick up, down, left or right depending on obstacle’s location. I got this achievement on the Rogue's Landing but as it was mentioned before – any other race that allows you to fly will be OK.

Ax Battler (15)
Finished a Battle Race without losing any lives

This is an easy one but requires a certain strategy. It can be any Battle race but I would recommend playing the very first you come across in World Tour on C class. If I am not mistaken, this has to be Roulette Road stage of the second World Tour (Frozen Valley). Now, as for the trick: during the whole race try to stay behind the whole crowd as far as this is the safest place in the race. When you are riding in front of your opponents, they will attack you constantly but if you are behind – the only thing they can do is to shoot back at you with the help of Glove or to place a mine but I am pretty sure that you will be able to resist this reaction. At the same time, when driving last, you can do whatever you want and shoot at your opponent with the help of ice shots or fireworks – it won’t matter. But, if you have been hit accidently, it might be a good idea to restart the race. When the race is finished – you should get the achievement.

Arrow Of Light (15)
Froze an opponent with Ice from at least 100 meters away

Usually, players unlock this achievement without any troubles with the natural game progress but if it is important for you to get it fast, then there is a nice method. Use a fruit machine before a race in World Tour or Local MP with another pad and see if you can start with the Ice power-up. If you are lucky, you will get the required item. At the very beginning of the race let your opponents to go ahead a bit but this “a bit” has to be 100 meters long. Now, start driving and shooting with your Ice balls. Your task is to hit at least one opponent with the Ice and freeze him for a couple of seconds. Probably, the only issue here might be the distance but a straight part of the track will be a perfect place for this kind of action because as a rule AI does not maneuver on straight passages and drives on the set trajectory. During the attack, you can shoot 1 Ice ball at a time or 3 snowballs at a time if you are sure that they will hit at least one of your opponents. Also, there is a super pickup with 6 snowballs and to unleash the “monster” you will have to hold the “A” button. If you have any troubles getting this achievement, get a second controller > choose “Sunshine tour” > take the Snowball Ability > Drive the second player far away and park his car at the end of the long road > shoot with your snowballs and unlock the achievement.

Buzz Bomber (10)
Hit 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a Swarm attack

First of all, you will need the Swarm Item itself. It should appear as a Single Bee in your item slot. Now, start the race (any race) and let the first 3 racers to overtake you. Use your Swarm Attack and shoot it in front of your character. If you get lucky (and you probably will), someone should run into it unlocking you the desired achievement and giving you the whole 10G points for creativity. You might wanna try this out on smaller tracks – it will simplify the challenge a bit. Samba's stages or the first Sonic stage will be a perfect fit.

Lock On Sight (20)
Scored 90% accuracy with aimed weapons in an event

Scoring 90% accuracy with aimed weapon is not an easy task, especially if you plan to fire everything you have on your car. Actually – this is merely impossible to keep your fire accuracy at this level. But, as always, there is a way out. Technically, any map will be good for the achievement but I personally unlocked it on the Coastal Cruise event in the Sunshine Coast Tour in the World Tour. Choose any character you want – it makes no difference. Also, to make everything even simpler – play on the Easiest difficulty. Now, start the race and let someone overtake you > pick up the first Item box > if it’s something that causes damage – use it on the closest opponent, if not – wait for another item box and take what’s inside. Your task is to hit one of your opponents as hard and as precise as possible. After that – complete the race without using weapon: do not shoot back, do not attack – just drive. Otherwise, you can spoil your 90% accuracy status and in that case you will have to restart the race.

Welcome To Victory Lane (50)
Finished 1st in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty

Hmm, in order to complete this one you will have to finish first in every Grand Prix tournament. Moreover, you will have to do that on the Expert difficulty. I won’t lie to you – it will take some time but not as much as you expect to spend on it. This achievement will also require you to have a certain set of skills like drifting boosts. Now, pick a character that you thing is good for this job. As for me, Vyse and Ages worked out well but if you think that someone else is better for this job – please, be my guest and choose whomever you like. By the time you get to this achievement, you are supposed to have some great riding skills, so my only tip is: drive fast and do not look back.

Meteor Strike (15)
Collected 10 Stars in World Tour

This is game related and can’t be missed. In order to get 10 stars, you can do the next:
- finish 10 races on Easy difficulty in World Tour (you will get 1 star per race);
- finish 5 races on Normal difficulty in World Tour (you will get 2 stars per race);
- finish 4 races on Easy difficulty in World Tour (you will get 3 stars per race).

Justice Shot (10)
Got 10 hits by firing weapons backwards in a single event

This is an easy one as long as you have a second controller. Choose Custom Game > pick Local > choose Capture The Chao. Now, take the second controller and start gathering item boxes. No matter what you get, press and hold “X” to look backwards for better aiming and shoot at the Player 1 while he is behind you. Continue collecting items and shooting back at the player 1 (backwards only). When the 10th missile reaches the target, you will get this achievement.

Shadow Step (15)
Did 10 Stunt Combos in a single event

Here’s a nice location to get things done: World tour > Twilight Engine Cup > Curien mansion. Now, start the race and drive as you normally drive until you reach Lap #3. You will get a big air jump. Do 1 flip during the jump and this will finish 1/10 part of the required procedure. Now, you need to drive back up the stairs and do this 9 more times. I know – that might be annoying, especially considering the fact that the game will automatically set you on track. But, you will still finish it – I believe in you. As a suitable alternative, you can play Time Trial Mode and go around the map 10 times pulling off stunt combos.

Crack Down (10)
Got a total of 20 hits with weapons in a Race

“Crack Down” achievement has a lot of in common with the “Justice Shot” described a bit higher in the post and if you are lucky – you can get both of them at the same time, though “Crack Down” requires double effort for successful outcome. Your task is to get 20 hits with any weapon in a single Race. You can shoot back if you want – it doesn’t matter. If you stay in front of your opponents for the whole time, it will help you to get enough hits. Also, the longer the race, the better your chances are to collect the whole set of 20 hits.

The King Of Speed (20)
Finished 1st in a Grand Prix tournament at Expert difficulty

First of all – you will have to unlock the Expert difficulty. This can be done once you get access to Superstar Showdown. Do your best and try to get 4 stars in every race from a Grand Prix tournament. However, there is one thing you might want to memorize: you do not have to be a winner in all Grand Prix Tournament races – just at the end of the tournament your name has to be the first in the list. So, if you lose at least on race – continue playing and there is a great possibility that you will still be a winner.

Team Sonic (10)
Finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with local friends in a 10 player Race

In order to complete this achievement, you will have to go online and so will your friends. It would be great to get as many control pads as possible but you with your two controllers and at least 2 friends with two controllers will work fine too.
1. Go to the “Main menu” and press “Start” on all pads.
2. Press the guide button on one controller and sign in as guest.
3. Do the very same thing with the other two pads.
4. Go to private race online and invite your friends who have made the same thing with their pads;
5. Start the race and drive till the last lap. After that make sure that your pads are on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Finish the race with one of your characters and this achievement will become yours. You do not have to complete the race with the other 3 pads but they have to remain on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places correspondingly.
There is also a bit different way to unlock this achievement:
1. Go to matchmaking (instead of private race) in the Main Menu;
2. Search for a race;
3. Enter and check if you are alone in the lobby with 4 active pads.
4. Invite you friends and finish the race using the very same scenario described above.
You can choose any race but “At the Moment Battle” and “Lucky Dip” are almost always free which kind of simplifies the task.
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Wow, thanks for this comprehensive list! My sister bought this for me used and I've been playing to get my achievement score up. So far I have unlocked about 10 achievements in an hour and a half of game play. It's pretty easy to breeze right through this game. I've tried inviting random players on Live, but didn't find anyone to race with online. Great for a group gaming session with the 4 way split screen option.