Xbox 360 Spartan Ops XP


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Nov 12, 2012
I've just started playing Halo 4 so I haven't beaten the campaign yet; I'm only a few hours in. However, a friend of mine that already beat the campaign and started playing Spartan Ops mode said that the XP you earn there helps your rank in multi-player mode... Is this true?
Yes, it is true. After I beat the campaign, I started playing Spartan Ops like your friend and I had leveled up by the time I finished playing through the different episodes.
Okay, so if you play through all of the episodes in Spartan Ops and earn the XP, then go back through and play all those same episodes over again, will you earn the XP again, or do you only earn it the first time you complete each episode?
Cooper - I think you do earn XP when you replay the Spartan Ops episodes, but in my opinion, you would have to have a LOT of patience to play through all those episodes more than once... or be a glutton for punishment. ;-)